Flu protection for expecting mothers

11.10.2021 Category: Flu Jabs Author: Dr Richard Dawood

Some infections can harm your baby if you catch them during pregnancy. Research suggests that the flu, in particular strains such as H1N1 (swine flu), can significantly increase the risk of complications to expecting mothers and their unborn babies.

Vaccinating expecting mothers against flu or before pregnancy can provide the newborn baby with significant ‘passive’ protection – which can last several weeks after birth. This is important because babies cannot be vaccinated themselves until they are 6 months old. So, a mother’s vaccination is strongly advised.

Fleet Street Clinic are urging all the mums-to-be to have the vaccine. The Quadrivalent Flu Jab can be safely given at any point during pregnancy.

Pregnant women are less able to fight off infections and therefore more likely to be seriously ill if they contract the flu virus. Pregnant women are at risk of complications from the flu at any stage of pregnancy. So therefore, it is important for those expecting to get their flu jab as early as possible.

If you are currently planning your pregnancy, it would be sensible to consider getting your flu jab prior to becoming pregnant.

The flu vaccine can safely be given to pregnant women at the same time as the whooping cough vaccine. You can have the whooping cough vaccine from 16 weeks onwards.

The vaccine is inactivated, and cannot cause flu itself.
Having the flu vaccine is the best protection.

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If you are interested in booking flu vaccinations for your staff, visit flujabs.org for more information and to get a quote.

Choosing the Right Corporate Healthcare Programme

19.05.2019 Category: Corporate Healthcare Author: Caroline McKenzie

Are you considering setting up a corporate health programme for your company?

The benefits of introducing a workplace health and wellbeing programme are clear: it has been proven that a successful corporate wellbeing programme leads to higher productivity, decreases in absenteeism and lower staff turnover. Ultimately, if your employees feeling healthy and looked after at work, it allows them to  reach their potential and helps your company to achieve its business goals.

Perhaps as a result of the growing evidence in favour of such initiatives, businesses are now investing more than ever into corporate wellness programmes.

But with so many options available, how do you begin to create your own bespoke workplace programme? Firstly, be prepared to set aside time and budget. At the initial planning stage, there are several important factors to consider: how to structure the programme to your company’s ethos and business objectives, how to ensure staff involvement (at all levels), considering the size of your workplace, personalisation according to the needs of your company and the requirements of individual employees.

Fleet Street Clinic Corporate Wellbeing Programmes

At Fleet Street Clinic, we create bespoke corporate programmes across the UK. We work with companies of all sizes –  from local businesses to City firms to international media agencies. We have a wealth of medical experts available, from hypnotherapists, osteopaths, dieticians, and can offer all kinds of services on site such as flu jabs, health screens and GP services.

We deliver programmes designed to boost the health and happiness of your staff, building and strengthening your workforce. 

Want to find out more? You can visit our Corporate Healthcare Services page and make an enquiry. One of our Corporate Managers will be in touch soon. 

Flu Vaccination Programmes for Your Workplace

19.08.2018 Category: Flu Jabs Author: Sandeep Karavadra

Corporate Flu Vaccination Programmes

Flujabs.org is the flu vaccination service of Fleet Street Clinic, providing vaccinations to the UK and worldwide for over 20 years.

Make sure to protect your workforce this winter by offering flu vaccines to your employees.

Flu Jabs London Corporate Flu Vaccination Programme

If you have any queries, please get in touch with our Flu Jabs team at Fleet Street Clinic, who will be happy to answer any questions. Or you can visit our Flu Jabs page for more information.

Why You Should Vaccinate Your Workforce Against Flu

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Flu Vaccine Clinic Now Open

19.05.2018 Category: Flu Jabs Author: Dr Richard Dawood

Flu Vaccines in London

Private Flu Vaccination Clinic London

Are you looking for a flu vaccine in London?

Fleet Street Clinic’s flu vaccination clinic in central London is open until March 2021. We have highly-qualified staff on hand, experienced at vaccinating all ages, including young children and babies.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we are inviting all patients to book in their chosen appointment. This was we can manage the number of people waiting at any given time.

Please arrive at your appointed time and you will be seen by our welcoming team. Help us keep you safe by booking in your appointment and turning up to it alone, wearing a face covering.

Book Your Flu Jab

Here are a few useful things to know before you come:


We are based in central London at Fleet Street Clinic, 29 Fleet Street, London, EC4Y 1AA. Our flu vaccine service runs by appointment-only most weekdays, Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm.

Find all available dates and times here.


You can be vaccinated against flu at Fleet Street Clinic most weekdays between 9am – 5pm (please note these opening times are different to those of Fleet Street Clinic). Check availability and book an appointment prior to turning up.

The flu clinic is open until March 2021.


View a full list of costs here.


As a specialist centre, we offer a wide choice of flu vaccine types and technologies available. Find out more…


The Fleet Street Clinic is the only UK medical practice to offer point-of care flu diagnosis using molecular technology. We can provide a laboratory-confirmed diagnosis of flu and other upper respiratory viruses including Covid-19 – in just over an hour. We don’t just vaccinate against flu, we can diagnose and treat in a single visit.

If you have any further questions about the flu jab or other travel vaccinations, our experienced team of nurses can help.