Teenagers Urged to Have Measles Vaccination

19.08.2018 Category: News Author: Dr Richard Dawood
Public Health England (PHE) are urging teenagers and young people to ensure they are up to date with measles vaccines. A notable amount of cases have been linked to music festivals and other large public gatherings from June. Measles cases have seen an increase over the year to up to 234 between the start to the middle of the year. It is important young people either confirm they’ve been vaccinated or take steps to make sure they get vaccinated.

Measles Vaccination

Immunity against measles requires 2 doses of a measles containing vaccination. In the UK, this is part of the routine childhood schedule and they are usually given before a child starts school. Children and young people with incomplete or uncertain vaccinations should ensure they have received the full course of at least 2 vaccinations. Alternatively, a blood test can be performed to confirm immunity. Fleet Street Clinic provides both vaccinations for measles, administered by experienced doctors and nurses in a clean environment. We also offer tests to confirm immunity. We have been providing vaccination services for over two decades.
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