All the Fleet Street Clinic medical and first aid kits are prepared at the clinic by our experienced Pharmacy team. As a specialist travel clinic, we have refined our range of medical kits over the years to cover all the common travel health concerns.

These include; traveller’s diarrhea, minor cuts, scrapes or burns, splinters, blisters, sprains, cystitis, urinary infections, mild sickness and so on. These everyday ailments can be difficult to treat if medical assistance is not easily accessible. As they are easy to treat, carrying a Fleet Street Clinic medical kit with you can resolve the issue so you can focus on having a good time travelling.

You may be travelling to the other side of the world, or to a remote area, or perhaps staying in the UK for a trekking holiday… Wherever you are going, we’ve got a medical kit suitable for you.

Have you had your travel vaccinations?

With the excitement of travelling, many people forget to discuss vaccinations.

If you are unsure on what vaccinations you need for your travels, book a travel consultation with our experienced travel nurses to find out more.

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