Health Screenings

Health Screenings

Our health screens are aimed at detecting early signs of important health issues, even if you feel otherwise well and have no concerning symptoms.
Unlike our full medicals, health screens are more targeted and focus on a single area or system of the body. They can be carried out alone, or in combination to build up a bigger picture of your health status, or to help follow up known ongoing conditions such as diabetes.

  • Healthy Heart Screen  £175
  • Gynaecological Health Screening  £199
  • Prostate Cancer Check  £175
  • Cervical Sampling  £170
  • Ovarian Cancer Check  £150

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Healthy Heart Screening

This health screen is focused specifically on the health of your heart and is designed to assess the overall risk of cardiovascular disease and highlight any recommended lifestyle changes or problem areas.

Our doctors will conduct a:
- Cardiac risk assessment
- Cholesterol/ lipid test
- Blood pressure test

After which they will provide you with any necessary next steps to maintaining a healthy heart. They will confirm if any further investigations are needed, a referral to a cardiologist is required, or you would benefit from seeing a dietitian. Take the first steps to a healthier heart.

Price: £175

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Gynaecological Health Screening

Our gynaecological health is sometimes overlooked and can be quite worrying and for some, embarrassing, but our screening includes the most important gynaecological tests in a comfortable, caring environment. One of our female doctors will conduct a series of simple tests:

- a cervical sampling
- a pelvic examination
- a breast check

The consultation will also allow you the opportunity to raise any concerns or questions you may have about your gynaecological health, and to seek advice. If anything significant is highlighted from your tests, further testing or a referral to a specialist can easily be arranged.

Price: £199

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Prostate Cancer Check

Prostate cancer is the second most common cause of cancer deaths in men in the UK. A prostate cancer check is suitable for men aged 45 years and over, for early diagnosis of prostate cancer.
The prostate cancer check is carried out by one of our experienced male GPs, who will explain the entire process before any tests are carried out. It consists of:

- A detailed health discussion about your current health, your prostate cancer risk including lifestyle and family medical history
- Internal (rectal) examination of the prostate gland
- Prostate specific antigen (PSA) blood test

The blood sample for your PSA blood test is sent by courier to our nearby pathology laboratory. Your GP will let you know when to expect your results and will discuss the results with you, along with any follow-up required.

Alleviate unnecessary worry with a prostate cancer check.

Price: £175

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Cervical Screening

Cervical sampling smear test with one of our nurses or GPs.

Cervical sampling is offered by our female nurses and GPs.

In most cases we are now able to give results on the same day.

Price: £170

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Ovarian Cancer Screening

With non-specific symptoms in the early stages, ovarian cancer is notoriously difficult to spot. That’s where ovarian cancer screening can help. With a female doctor you can discuss your past and current gynaecological history highlighting any areas of concern or abnormalities. You can also discuss your family medical history and have a breast and pelvic examination, and have a referral for further imaging or investigation if needed.

As there is no national ovarian cancer screening programme, so it is important to listen to your body and book a screening if you are concerned.

Price: £150

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We also offer a carefully curated range of Medicals and Check-ups

Detect problems early and protect your health

Our experienced doctors and nurses can screen for risk factors, identify health problems, and address health issues or concerns at an early stage, and provide you with a valuable opportunity to review your general health, and take any action needed to improve it.
For an in-depth review of your risk factors and general health, you should also consider our Vital, Essential, Executive, and Executive + Medicals.
Put your health first with a thorough medical check.

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