Employee Travel Vaccinations

Employee Travel Vaccinations

We are an internationally-known specialist Travel Clinic. You can rely on us for all your travel health needs and can be completely certain to find every travel vaccine, always in stock.

Book a travel consultation with one of our specialist travel nurses to review your existing vaccine protection and for the latest advice on which additional vaccines are recommended for your next trip. Where appropriate, we will also provide expert advice on malaria prevention and antimalarial medication, tailored to your travel plans, preferences and medical history.

For more complex requirements, such as travel with pre-existing medical conditions, there is also the option to book in with one of our specialist travel doctors.

People sometimes focus on the importance of one or more travel vaccines, but our travel health advice extends far beyond this. Our travel doctors and travel nurses are experts in their field, and will give advice tailored to the exact circumstances of your travelling employees. We understand different industries and lines of work, and the likely risks, stressors and health issues to which your employees may be exposed. We are also tuned into changing hazards, and have a track record of expert leadership during past outbreaks, from Covid-19 to Zika. We understand destination-specific risks and will make sure that your employees are up to speed with the latest advice.

In addition to helping your employees look after their health while they are travelling, we can also provide care and reachback while they are away and on their return. Our staff are experts in travel-related infectious and tropical diseases, and can provide full care upon return to the UK. If your employees become ill while travelling, they don’t have to wait until they come home to get answers. 

Our resources for looking after returned travellers include the latest high-tech testing facilities, using PCR to test for travellers’ diarrhoea, enabling rapid diagnosis followed by carefully targeted treatment, all at a single visit. Although most people have only become aware of the power of PCR diagnosis since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, we have been using it to look after and treat returned travellers at “point of care” since 2016. We also have a variety of other tests at our disposal to diagnose tropical diseases. 

For in-depth travel advice, travel vaccinations and customised care to protect your employees’ health and wellbeing while away, look to us for all your business travel health needs.

Protect your employees’ health when they travel on business

Can you vaccinate large numbers of people on the same day?

Yes, we are able to vaccinate and provide pre-travel care for corporate patients on a large-scale level as well as on an individual basis.

Tell us what you need, and for how many people, and we will make it happen, safely and conveniently.

We have an outstanding track record of delivering travel vaccinations on a large scale, and taking on complex and challenging projects in the UK and internationally.

Can you deliver onsite vaccinations?

Yes, we can arrange for onsite vaccination clinics to run at a location of your choosing.

Yes, we can make special arrangements to deliver travel vaccinations at your workplace, or at corporate gatherings such as conferences, as well as at our own clinic in Central London.

Do you offer support after vaccination, if someone gets ill?

Absolutely, if anybody starts to feel unwell or experiences an unusual reaction to a vaccine, our medical experts will be on hand to help.

We are a multidisciplinary clinic and have a range of clinical experts as well as a plethora of onward referral contacts we can use, if necessary. Many of our doctors and nurses specialise in travel medicine and are at the top of their field. Your employees will be in the best hands for their travel vaccination experience. 

Protect your Employees' Health - Enquire today.

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    Absolutely fantastic experience...

    ...and something unlikely to be said by someone with a phobia of needles who was booking travel jabs!

    - Neil Goldwasser

    Yes. We allow 30 minutes for our initial travel consultations, so there is plenty of time to discuss your medical history, your travel plans and to administer the first dose of all the vaccines you require.

    It is best to attend as soon as you have details of your trip, to discuss likely travel health needs. Some vaccinations require multiple doses and may take up to 4 weeks to complete a full course. There are new vaccines, such as for dengue fever, that take even longer (up to 12 weeks for full effect). However, it is never too late to vaccinate and even those who are departing at short notice can still gain valuable protection.

    Most vaccines typically take two weeks to reach full effect, following completion of a course.

    We pride ourselves on being able to deliver all travel vaccinations year-round and aim to always carry a full stock of every vaccine even when there are shortages and our competitors struggle to source them.

    We get asked this a lot. Some travel vaccinations are mandatory as a condition of entry. However, mandatory vaccines are generally aimed solely at protecting the country you are visiting from the spread of disease. By contrast, recommended vaccines for your destination are the ones that are deemed individually advisable to keep travellers safe from disease and infection whilst travelling.

    Some vaccines are “routine” the baseline vaccines recommended by bodies such as Public Health England, usually as childhood immunisations for children, and wellness vaccines for adults. They offer protection against a range of serious preventable illnesses. Note that some vaccines that offer valuable protection are not necessarily “routine” – for example, chickenpox vaccine has only recently been added to this list, and not for all age groups.

    Some countries have mandatory vaccination regulations, which means you must have proof of certain vaccinations to support your visa application and/or in order to enter the country. These are classed as “required” vaccines, and are aimed at protecting countries from importation of infection. In most cases, if you fail to meet the requirements, you risk being denied entry into that country.

    “Recommended” vaccines are those deemed to be advisable – the ones that experts recommend to protect travellers’ health whilst travelling, even if they aren’t required for entry by the government of the country you are visiting. Your age, health, and what you plan to do whilst travelling will determine what vaccines our travel team will recommend you to have. They are not mandatory, but they help reduce the risk of preventable infection.