Business Travel Health

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Business Travel Health

If your employees travel abroad for work, we can support all their travel health needs.

Work-related travel sometimes sounds glamorous, but is more often associated with sleep deprivation, stress, fatigue and depending on the location, sometimes a risk of infectious or tropical diseases, as well as a variety of other destination- and work-related hazards. Many of the “business travellers” we look after are more likely to be heading to war zones, trouble spots and hostile environments than to business hubs around the world.

Fleet Street Clinic is an internationally-known specialist travel clinic with a team of dedicated travel doctors and nurses who have been looking after business travellers for nearly 30 years. We are especially known for our innovative and responsive work with the news industry, as well as our ability to support complex projects abroad, ranging from reality TV to mining and exploration.

We provide expert travel health advice, travel vaccinations, pre- and post-deployment care, bespoke medical kits and supplies, and a vast range of supporting services drawing on the broad experience of our Travel Medicine specialists.

We have a strong focus on preventing travel-related illness and encouraging communication and reachback for your staff whilst they are away so that any health issues or emergencies can be dealt with quickly and definitively.

We provide expert care for travellers who return home unwell. Our in-house laboratory can pinpoint causes of travellers’ diarrhoea in about an hour, ensuring fast, well-targeted treatment. We have extensive diagnostic resources at our disposal, including rapid access to our specialist network.

Under our care, we’ll ensure your staff are always travel-ready, productive while away, and well looked-after throughout.

Business travel made safe and easy!

Travel Vaccinations

Always be prepared, with up to date expert advice and the recommended vaccines for your trip. We offer the full range of travel vaccines for business trips, including the new vaccine against dengue fever. Early consultation is strongly recommended, since many travel vaccines require more than one dose for full protection. If you travel often or at short notice, ask about our special programmes for frequent travellers, maintaining constant readiness for rapid deployment. We also have antimalarials suitable for last-minute business travel.

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Visa Medicals

A medical health check may be an essential part of the visa requirement for working abroad. We offer a wide range of visa medicals tailored specifically to the requirements of destination countries. Our flexible structure allows for additional tests to be carried out based on individual needs.

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Frequent Flyers

Frequent business trips, flight anxiety, jet lag and sleep loss can all contribute to occupational stress or affect work performance and safety. Related hazards include travel-related deep vein thrombosis (DVT).
We provide advice on jet lag management (see our jet lag calculator), practical help and advice on sleep management, anxiety and stress management. We are also able to offer in-house seminars on air travel and flying, that can be combined with more subtle messages about health promotion, lifestyle, and risk prevention.

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Hostile Environments

We are well known for our work with the news industry, and many of our patients are journalists and war correspondents. We have expert knowledge of health protection for the news industry, and are able to provide protective and emergency equipment, and specialist supplies suited to your employees’ needs. We provide a full range of travel medical kits as well as trauma kits, eye protection, hearing protection (and hearing tests), coveralls, and broad choice of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

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Hot Climate Care

If your employees travel to hot countries, we can also help with eye care, sunglasses and sun protection, and practical information and advice. Too often, employees are so focused on the main purposes of their assignment that they neglect basic essentials that prove vital to the task in hand.
Being adequately prepared can help prevent many occupational health illnesses associated with working overseas as well as reduce the likelihood of future health problems.

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Our Laboratory

Uniquely, we have our own laboratory on site, offering a wide range of tests for diagnosis of illness in returned travellers - with symptoms such as diarrhoea or fever - with ultra rapid results.

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