Workplace Flu Vaccination

Workplace Flu Vaccination

Workplace flu jabs make good business sense for any company as contact with the flu is almost unavoidable and millions of days are lost each year due to employees sick with the flu. This has a huge impact on productivity and staff morale. By protecting your workforce against the flu, you can maintain a healthy working environment, an efficient workforce and provide a valued staff benefit whilst mitigating against future flu outbreaks amongst your staff. is the specialist flu vaccination service of the Fleet Street Clinic, delivered by highly qualified nurses. Based in London, with an International reputation and reach, we are a leading provider of corporate flu vaccination programmes for business of all types and sizes, throughout the UK.

A flu vaccine remains your best defence against the flu. We conveniently provide flu jabs to employees at their place of work. Flu vaccinations should be an important part of your company’s corporate wellbeing strategy.

We promise to look after your staff to the highest standard and we also understand the importance of making our service as affordable as possible.

We’re here to look after your team’s health.

Protect your employee's from the flu

Why choose us?

We have been vaccinating in the workplace since 1995 and have the experience and expertise required to deliver a high-quality medical service.

  • Booking portal: Our online booking portal makes it easy for you and your company to monitor uptake and for employees to book their flu appointment at a time most convenient for them.
  • Free patient helpline: We also offer a free patient helpline for any of your staff with questions about the flu vaccine.

How do I get a quote?

The easiest way to get a quote is to fill out our online form.

We ask specific questions which we use to put together a quote for you. We’ll outline the costs and let you know the next available dates. It is a very quick and easy process.

When is the best time to vaccinate my staff?

As a clinic, we start vaccinating as soon as we receive vaccinations, this tends to be at the end of September each year.

We can book your staff vaccinations from September up until early the following year. We would suggest getting vaccinated as soon as possible so you can build up the necessary immunity before the flu becomes widespread in the community.

Do you deliver onsite workplace flu vaccinations?

Yes, most of our clients prefer to vaccinate their staff onsite at their place of work.

It is much more convenient and tends to deliver higher uptake. We can deliver onsite workplace vaccinations across the UK.

Do you have experience delivering multi-site, complex projects?

Yes, as we have been going for many years we’ve experience with most business set ups of various sizes and for various industries.

We can work with you to support your vaccination programme across multiple locations. Our online booking system is a great support tool to run a successful, large-scale project. Get in touch with us for a quote.

What flu vaccinations do you have available?

We offer a wide variety of flu vaccinations including quadrivalent flu jabs, quadrivalent nasal flu spray, trivalent FluAd with option for those with egg-free preferences.

We can offer your staff a combination of flu vaccines to suit your business’s needs.

Protect your employees. Enquire today.

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