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We are committed to providing premium, personalised care for you, your family and your employees using the full breadth of our medical expertise.

Your health lies at the heart of everything we do.
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GP Appointment

Convenient access to trusted private GPs when you need it most.
We are available for in-clinic appointments as well as virtual
appointments by phone or video call.

Flu Jabs

Book your flu jab today!
Appointments available from 11th September onwards.

Alternatively, get a quote for flu jabs for your employees.

Prevent Travellers’ Diarrhoea

Travellers’ Diarrhoea (TD) is the most common health problem experienced by travellers.
Find out ways to prevent it or start our online consultation to see if it is suitable for us to prescribe standby Travellers’ Diarrhoea treatment for you online.

Childhood Vaccinations

Protect your child(ren) from potentially fatal diseases, including diphtheria, measles, mumps, rubella, polio, whooping cough, chickenpox, HPV and others.

We are experts in vaccinating babies and children all the way up until they become a young adult.

Rapid PCR Testing

Fleet Street Clinic specialises in same day Covid-19 rt-PCR testing. Our ultra rapid PCR testing delivers same day results within 90 minutes.

Women's Health

Women’s health embodies so many different things – from contraception options such as coils and implants to female medicals and gynaecological health screens.

We believe in making women’s health a top priority.

Specialist Travel Clinic

Stay healthy whilst you travel with a travel consultation.
Find out what travel vaccinations and medications you should consider prior to your travels.
Need an emergency appointment? Call us

Flu ends with "U"

Flu jab appointments are available to book from 11th September 2023.

We have a number of vaccine options, including the premium recombinant flu jab, take a look here.
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Absolutely Recommended!

Starting from the location, really well cared for and interesting. Punctuality and courtesy.
The staff was very prepared, friendly, and helpful, absolutely recommended!
- Tommaso Teruzzi
Same-day Appointments Individual Care Traditional GP Values

Invest in your health everyday

Taking care of your health need not be complicated; it involves looking after your body and mind consistently throughout the year - whether in sickness or in health.

We provide convenient and empathetic private healthcare services focused on prevention, rapid diagnostics and when feasible, same-day treatment.

Our approach revolves around mitigating your unique risk factors and finding ways to support your current health and well-being. Yearly check-ups, wellness vaccinations, routine sexual health screenings, and instant health check ups all play a vital role in maintaining good health.

In instances of illness, we take pride in delivering same-day care through our team of experienced GPs. With an on-site laboratory and in-house pharmacy at your disposal, diagnosis and treatment seamlessly coexist within our facilities.

Secure your health for the future by investing in it today.

Great service, and would always go back here for any other vaccines needed.

I could not recommend Fleet Street Clinic more.

From the first phone call to book through to the final appointment, they have been attentive, kind and go the extra mile for their customers to ensure a stress-free experience.

Every member of staff was inordinately lovely and personable. I would definitely advocate even the primary consultation with this clinic if you are travelling anywhere needing vaccines; they are really honest with what each vaccine does, and the risks associated with not taking it before your travel.

Great service, and would always go back here for any other vaccines needed.
- Beth Owen

Keeping You Healthy Whilst You Travel

Embark on your travel journey with confidence with a travel consultation.

One of our travel doctors or nurses will will discuss your travel plans and provide personalised travel health recommendations.

Remove any travel concerns you may have with same-day medical health advice, travel vaccinations and travel medicine. All our team have postgraduate qualifications in Travel and Tropical Medicine and a passion for exploration. Collectively they have travelled to more than 175 countries.

Beyond medical advice and vaccinations, they offer invaluable firsthand insights into your destination – unveiling hidden gems, essential attractions, and the finest local cuisines. Enrich your travels with their localised knowledge.

Your journey, your well-being – our priority.

We take quality seriously and are accredited to the highest professional standards.

Individual Health

All your health needs in one place.
We are a multidisciplinary clinic, combining expertise from all areas of healthcare to ensure you stay physically and mentally healthy.
Trust us to look after your health.

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Convenient access to trusted private GPs when you need it most. We are available for in-clinic appointments as well as virtual appointments by phone or video call.


If you are travelling abroad, why not come and see us for a pre-travel health assessment? Our thorough travel health consultations provide detailed health advice and information about travel vaccinations and medication to consider before you travel.


Discreet and trusted sexual health services including confidential sexual health advice, instant STI testing, and comprehensive sexually transmitted infections (STI) screening.

Same day results are available.


Our “wellness vaccines” are  vaccines that improve the quality of your health and wellbeing. They offer protection against a range of vaccine-preventable infectious diseases, providing essential protection for children and adults alike.


A medical provides a full body health check to review your current health and your future health risks. An annual medical offers valuable opportunities to screen for health problems at an early stage.


Fleet Street Clinic has a team of highly-qualified nurses, experienced in dealing with a wide range of medical conditions. Our experienced nurses provide a safe, friendly and confidential environment where you are able to freely discuss any health concerns.


Women’s Health is a top priority at the Fleet Street Clinic, where our services include contraceptive care (including coils and implants),  gynaecological and well-woman health screens.


29 Fleet Street is also the home of our independent optometrists (opticians) – Whitby & Co. –  sharing the well-supported medical environment of the Fleet Street Clinic. Visit us for all your eye care needs.


Employee Health

A healthy workforce has never been so important.
Our services include workplace vaccinations, annual medicals and occ health services. Let's work together to help keep your employees healthy.

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Core health services cover all corporate healthcare that we would deem essential for your employees to maintain good health and wellbeing in general and in the workplace.

Our popular services include onsite GP appointments, workplace vaccinations, business travel health and workplace flu jabs.


We’ll support your employees health and well-being with a robust occ health package.

Our services include management referrals, occ health medicals, health surveillance, health clearance and ergonomics.

Workplace flu jabs make good business sense for any company.

Contact with the flu is almost unavoidable in the workplace and millions of days are lost each year due to employees sick with the flu. Protect your employees with a flu jab.


If your employees travel abroad as a part of their job you should consider supporting their travel health needs.

We provide expert advice on travel health, travel vaccinations & medications, pre- and post-deployment medical care and VISA medicals for your team.


Provide your employees with rapid, convenient, easy-access to a doctor.

Our GPs can either provide appointments from your place of work or we can offer in-clinic appointments at 29 Fleet St. Whichever is more suitable for your company set up.


Management referrals are primarily designed to support the referring manager in their decision making when dealing with an employee’s health-related issues.

They help determine the employee’s ongoing fitness to work and we’ll provide a full report of our findings.


Occupational Health medicals are usually a health and safety requirement for certain industries and some are even mandatory.

Medicals available include pre-employment, offshore energies UK, asbestos, driver’s and VISA. We can also offer bespoke medicals.


Health clearance is required for new health care workers who have direct patient contact.

It is designed to ensure that an individual is fit for all aspects of their job role and to reduce the risk of healthcare worker-to-patient transmission of infectious diseases.