Employee Health Checks

Employee Health Checks

Health checks utilise small numbers of targeted tests to look for common conditions where early diagnosis can make an important difference. They provide an indication of current health status and highlight some common issues that may cause concern. They are a great way to invest in your employees’ health, in a simple, low cost, non-threatening and non-invasive way.

Depending on your preference, health checks suitable for your employees may include such things as:

  • HbA1c testing (for diabetes)
  • Cholesterol / lipid panel
  • Blood sugar
  • Blood pressure
  • Healthy heart screening
  • Wellness health checks
  • And many more….

For some of these tests, we use point-of-care technology that gives almost immediate results.

Health checks are important as many diseases are symptomless. This means that the only way to know they are present is by screening for them. Many individuals wait until they are unwell before seeing a doctor. For some issues, such as high cholesterol and diabetes, this can often be too late. By the time symptoms are present you could be very unwell, often with high risk of stroke, heart attack or organ damage. Protecting the health of your employees by offering health checks can be invaluable, for both the individual and the employer.

Many of our corporate clients combine employee health checks with certain awareness days to highlight and educate health concerns to their employees.

Employee health checks can be a standalone health benefit to your team, or can be used in combination with other corporate services to create a more robust corporate health and wellbeing strategy.

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Where are employee health checks done?

You can decide to do employee health checks at the clinic or at your place of work.

Both have pros and cons and it depends how you’d like the sessions to run. It is sometimes easier to carry them out at your place of work for large numbers of employees. However, we can book your staff in at the clinic if you are based nearby and would prefer this option.

How do I book an employee health check?

Complete the form below with details about which health check you're interested in.

We would need to know how many employees you have and if you like an onsite session or ad hoc in clinic appointments. You will be assigned a corporate business manager to look after your account. They will provide you with a quote and book in your sessions.

Are any of your health checks instant?

Yes, many of our health check ups provide instant results.

Your employees will be tested with results provided during the same appointment. Instant testing include: HbA1c testing for diabetes, cholesterol panel, blood pressure reading and blood sugar testing.

Is my employee’s health kept confidential?

Yes, we have a duty of care to provide a private and confidential service to all our patients.

Your employees information will be kept safe within our patient records.

Can multiple employee health checks be done on the same day?

Yes, we can work with you to deliver a package to your employees.

This is something we are very familiar with and is very convenient for your employees, rather than multiple appointments. Outline your needs in your enquiry and we will quote accordingly.

Do you have an employee health check suitable for diabetes?

Yes, our HbA1c instant test is able to determine who is healthy, pre-diabetic and confirm who has diabetes.

It looks at how well controlled your blood sugar has been over a period of about 3 months. A nurse will help you interpret your results following testing during the same appointment.

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