Driver's Medical

Driver's Medical

Looking to become an HGV driver, or looking to renew your HGV licence? – You will need to undergo a HGV Driver D4 medical.

Medical guidelines and form documentation are set out by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) to approve your licence, and can be downloaded from their website.

One of our experienced Occupational Health doctors will conduct your medical, and if they deem you fit, will complete all relevant documentation for your application process.

In addition to HGV medicals, we also carry out Forklift Truck medicals, Taxi medicals, and other DVLA medicals.

We are a SEQOHS accredited private clinic

What is the purpose of a Heavy Good Vehicle (HGV) / Passenger Carrying Vehicle (PCV) Medical?

In order for you to apply to the DVLA for your Group 2 (lorry or bus) licence, you are required to provide a medical examination report (D4) relevant to your fitness to drive.

This report can be completed in full by a suitably qualified doctor. You will need to undergo a HGV/PCV medical so that the doctor can complete the report.

What will happen at my appointment?

The assessment will be carried out by a doctor with skills in completing HGV/PCV medicals including vision assessment, and will usually take about 45 minutes.

The doctor will ask you about your health and medical history and carry out a non-invasive examination including height, weight, blood pressure and vision.

You may be asked to provide a urine sample for a urine test. If relevant, the doctor may also ask for your written permissions to obtain further medical information from a GP or specialist, who has been treating you.

Can I add on a drug & alcohol test?

Drug and alcohol testing is not undertaken as part of a HGV/PCV medical.

If you would like this to be conducted, it would be undertaken as a separate process. Some employers require drug and alcohol testing under their own policies and it is something we can facilitate. We can provide you with separate information for drug and alcohol testing.

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