Complex Projects

We love a challenge

Nothing attracts us quite so much as taking on a new and complex task, applying our years of experience to difficult or unusual projects.

We specialise in creating bespoke solutions to the most niche requirements.

Often, this can be for film and TV, drawing upon our expertise in Travel Medicine to mitigate risk or provide full medical support for Reality shows in remote or hazardous places.

Our staff have supported or accompanied production teams to locations all over the world, contributing to the success and safe return of countless TV, film and news cast and crew over a period spanning three decades.

We are also known for our work with the music industry, having supported some of the best-known bands on Tour across Europe, Asia and Latin America.

A challenge does not have to be exotic or glamorous to grab our attention. How do you go about vaccinating or immunity-testing the staff of an entire NHS hospital; or carrying out workplace vaccination for a government department with 18,000 personnel across the UK; or out-of-hours, on the London Underground, efficiently, effectively and without disrupting normal operations? How do you set up and run a mobile 24/7 medical centre for 3,000 international media staff at the London 2012 Olympics?

We are no less inspired by the opportunity to make a real difference to the health of the people we look after, such as by providing confidential, carefully-considered health screening and holistic care – to new and existing clients, their staff, and people from every walk of life.

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