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Looking After Journalists Abroad

The Fleet Street Clinic has three decades of experience protecting the health and wellbeing of journalists covering conflicts, natural disasters, outbreaks and breaking news in unpredictable situations.

Our specialist healthcare services are especially in tune with the needs of people who travel frequently or who have to be ready for deployment at short notice to high-risk destinations anywhere in the world.

We have an established track record, and are widely known for our pioneering work in this field, supporting longstanding clients throughout the News and Broadcast sector.

We provide proactive, holistic care, with a focus on prevention, preparedness and rapid response.

Travel Health Services for Frequent Travellers
and Rapid Deployment Teams

Expert care for rapid deployment

It is all about the role, not the assignment

Traditionally, vaccine protection for breaking news coverage began only when the assignment was known, an optional afterthought on the way to the airport.

We work with you to identify those in rapid deployment roles.  We prepare them fully in advance, so that they are well protected, well equipped, well screened for any active health issues that might hold them back. We make sure they are confident in their readiness for deployment.

We first developed this approach in the mid-1990s, when it was far from the norm: a Reuters TV cameraman had a near miss with cerebral malaria on assignment in Rwanda, and Reuters asked us to implement a definitive strategy to avoid any similar recurrence.

Experience has repeatedly validated our approach, now the gold standard for preparing and looking after news teams around the world.

Ensuring your team is always ready

How we can help:

We’ll work with you to identify and reach out to anyone you may need to deploy rapidly.

We raise vaccine protection and awareness of travel health precautions to an agreed baseline level.

We proactively maintain this protection, individually, across teams, and over time.

We ensure that your organisation always has up to date information about the health status of the entire rapid deployment team.

Trusted care

From an experienced and responsive team

We provide clear information, advice and care – for individuals and for organisations. Our support is consistent, trusted and authoritative.

We are a single point of contact for medical support, accessible 24/7.

As a fully resourced medical centre, we deliver ongoing, holistic care, geared to supporting staff, preventive care, and identifying and resolving health issues at an early stage.

Medical kits and supplies

We provide bespoke, comprehensive medical and trauma kits, containing prescription medicines to help manage a broad range of medical problems abroad.

We carry a massive stock of medicines and supplies to support international assignments of all types. These range from specialist supplies covering specific risks (e.g. CBRN), to  supplies for travel to war or disaster zones.

We can prescribe medicines to be retained at news bureaux for use by staff who might need them for rapid deployment, with step-by-step, 24/7 support.

Supporting you and your team while away

24/7 access to specialist advice

We provide reach-back and remote medical support, including medical crisis management of serious incidents abroad – from kidnap to serious injury, including advice, case management and specialist referral on return home. We are able to work seamlessly with medical evacuation/air ambulance services.

Post-assignment Care

Looking after your staff doesn't end when the assignment is over

We provide comprehensive post-travel care, including:

  • Infectious and parasitic disease screening, investigation and treatment
  • General medical checks
  • Psychological assessment and support
  • Screening tailored to specific issues (e.g. following radiation exposure)
  • Onward referral to specialists
  • Crisis management

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