Asbestos Medical

Asbestos Medical

Asbestos is a known occupational health hazard. Working with asbestos is regulated by the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 (CAR); this places a duty of care on employers to maintain a health record for employees who are involved in licensed work with asbestos.

Under the Health and Safety Executive’s Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 (CAR), medical surveillance is required for employees who work with asbestos.

This places a duty of care on employers undertaking licensed or unlicensed asbestos work to maintain a health record for employees who are involved in working with asbestos. Self-employed individuals are also responsible and required to organise their own asbestos medical.

An asbestos medical, carried out by a HSE approved physician, will check for respiratory conditions linked to asbestos exposure.

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What is the purpose of an Asbestos Medical?

The purpose of the medical is to assess for evidence of a respiratory condition that might be asbestos-related, so that this can be investigated further.

The only difference between a licensed and an unlicensed asbestos medical from your perspective is that with a licensed medical you are invited to join a registry of asbestos workers (for research purposes only) and the certificate is worded slightly differently. For a licensed asbestos medical you will receive a green certificate, the certificate for an unlicensed medical being on ordinary white paper. The information below relates to both types of medical, unless stated otherwise.

What will be the outcome of the Asbestos Medical?

The medical will result in a certificate that simply confirms you have undergone a medical assessment.

A copy will be provided both to you and your employer. This certificate does not provide any information about the findings of the medical and does not state whether you are fit or not fit, in good health or otherwise. It is simply proof that you have been assessed.

When might an Asbestos Medical be needed?

The first medical examination must be conducted no more than two years before beginning exposure to asbestos.

While exposure continues medical examinations must be conducted usually at intervals of not more than two years. This interval may be shortened at the discretion of the doctor.

What will happen at my appointment?

The assessment will be carried out by an occupational health doctor with skills in undertaking asbestos medicals and will usually take about 45 minutes.

You should note that some employers request a fitness medical to be undertaken at the same time as an asbestos medical. If this is the case, you will be informed by Fleet Street Clinic and provided with additional information about this medical.

How often should I have an asbestos medical?

You will usually require a medical at least every two years.

You can renew your certificate with us by making an appointment in advance.

What if a health concern is found during my medical?

If the doctor finds a problem at the medical that requires further investigation, then he/she will address this confidentially with you and your GP, as necessary.

Your employer will not be involved or informed of the findings. In rare cases, the doctor may be concerned that there is a risk to your own safety or the safety of others if you were to undertake a particular role, but in these situations they will discuss their concerns with you, explaining who needs to be informed and how.

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