Wellness Medicals

Wellness Medicals

Annual medical check-ups are crucial for identifying health concerns at an early stage and provide helpful insight into current well-being. They serve as a valuable staff benefit, offering a comprehensive assessment of employees’ health trends and potential lifestyle impacts.

Our check-ups focus on prevention, making it easier to address early signs of disease, ultimately benefiting both employees and the company. Prioritizing employee healthcare, especially for senior positions, demonstrates a commitment to their well-being.

Corporate medicals become increasingly important for older or more senior staff and for key employees. They may often be required for insurance purposes – and can potentially reduce premiums. In high-stress corporate roles, annual medical check-ups can mitigate the negative impact of stress on physical and mental health.

We offer our medicals either as a standalone service or as part of a more comprehensive programme, conducted by experienced doctors either at our Central London clinic or onsite at your workplace, with bespoke, customizable options based on the level of investigation needed.

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What is included in the standard medical?

Our standard wellness medical involves a 1 hour appointment with one of our experienced GPs.

During this appointment, they will review your medical history, any medications you are on and conduct a physical examination and series of tests. These include:

A urine test and a blood test which will review:

  • Infection markers
  • Glucose levels
  • Protein levels
  • Cholesterol levels
  • Check your liver function
  • Check your kidney function

And also:

For women: Breast examination
For men: Prostate examination*

* Only appropriate for men in particular age ranges, unless there is a specific medical reason.

What is included in the comprehensive wellness medical?

Our executive wellness medical involves a 1.5 hour appointment with one of our experienced GPs.

You will benefit from all the services included within our standard wellness medical, plus the following:


For everyone:

  • Bowel cancer screening test
  • Audiometry

For women:

  • Breast examination
  • Cervical sampling
  • Pelvic examination

For men:

  • Physical prostate examination*
  • Prostate PSA blood test*

* Only appropriate for men in particular age ranges, unless there is a specific medical reason.

Can other tests be included in the wellness medical?

Yes, we can tailor the medical to suit the specific needs of your employees.

If you would like to add on additional tests, we can do so at an additional cost. It is important to communicate which extra tests you would like and we can liaise with our doctors to see if they are suitable. If they’re not, we will let you know. Having tests for the sake of having a test is not always the most effective use of your healthcare budget.

How can I arrange wellness medicals for my employees?

You can make an inquiry using the form below which will put you in contact with one of our corporate businesses.

We will be happy to discuss the options with you in greater detail and help you choose the type of medical that best suits your needs. Other considerations include whether you prefer to offer medicals at your workplace or at our Clinic, and how many employees would be eligible. We will provide you with a suitable plan, and a quote.

Which employees might benefit from a wellness medical?

Any of your employees would benefit from a wellness medical.

Any of your employees would benefit from a wellness medical. They are a great way to check the health status of any individual regardless of age or job title. However, in our experience, wellness medicals are particularly popular for senior level employees. This is because senior members of staff are usually older, require an annual medical for insurance purposes and/or their absence from work as a result of illness usually has a greater impact. Annual medicals would help highlight any issues at an early stage.

Who will see the results of the wellness medicals?

This is a completely confidential service and only the employee and the doctor will have access to their results.

If your employee chooses to share their results with you, then that is completely up to them. It is not a legal requirement for us to share their personal information.

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    How many employees need this service?*

    Yes, you can buy our wellness medicals in blocks of several at a time, and your employees can book into the clinic whenever they wish for their medical. We have corporate pricing options available for those who are wanting to pre-purchase a large quantity.

    If the outcome of the medical is that further tests or treatment is needed, our doctors will contact them to discuss the options. It is then up to the company whether they want to pay for the treatment, or the employee can pay for their treatment privately at the clinic or we can provide a referral to their NHS doctor if they’d prefer.

    The results of their medical will be sent to their personal email. If they have any questions about their results, they can call the clinic directly to discuss them.