Pre- and Post-Deployment Medical

Pre- and Post-Deployment Medical

Arranging Pre-deployment and Post-deployment Medicals for your employees can help support their health and wellbeing throughout the course of their assignment abroad as well as on their return to the UK.

Pre-deployment Medicals

Working abroad places stresses on employees and their families. They may be exposed to unfamiliar health risks while away, have limited access to medical care, and may find themselves in an environment where work safety standards are different from those at home. It is therefore good practice to assess, support and optimise the fitness and preparation of employees who undertake such deployments.

With our background in general practice, travel health and occupational medicine, Fleet Street Clinic Occupational Health is able to offer comprehensive Pre-deployment Medicals for employees planning assignment abroad.

Post-deployment Medicals

Often overlooked, a Post-deployment Medical can be vital in promoting the physical and psychological health and wellbeing of an employee following a deployment. A period of working abroad often brings lifestyle changes, stresses of living and working in an unfamiliar environment, perhaps limited access to healthcare while away, and exposure to unfamiliar disease hazards.

A Post-deployment Medical can assess the state of the employee’s health, provides an important opportunity to address any issues or concerns that may have arisen during the deployment and aids a healthy return to work in the UK.

We are also able to see and care for other family members, including children.

We are a SEQOHS-accredited private clinic

What happens during a pre-deployment medical?

Employees are given a health questionnaire to complete and attend an appointment with one of our occupational health doctors.

The content of the Pre-deployment Medical will vary according to the nature and location of the deployment. During the Pre-deployment Medical the occupational health doctor will assess the fitness of the employee (on the basis of physical examination as well as any relevant investigations (e.g. blood tests, ECG) to undertake the intended role abroad, and will also provide the employee with advice to promote their health and wellbeing while on assignment.

What happens during a post-deployment medical?

An occupational health doctor will:

Undertake a full review of the medical history, a physical examination, as well as any investigations (e.g. blood tests or other post-travel screening tests for infectious or tropical diseases) that may be appropriate to aid a healthy return to work in the UK.

How long do pre and post deployment medicals take?

Pre and post deployment medicals can vary in length, depending on where you travelled to, your occupation, the duration of your staff and a variety of other risk factors have to be considered.

They are not one-size fits all medicals and are tailored to your employee’s needs. We will discuss pricing and appointment length with you based on your requirements.

Do you offer any additional supporting services?

Yes, we are a multidisciplinary clinic and we can also provide:

  • All necessary travel vaccinations
  • Health screening or serology tests for visa / entry requirements
  • Medical kits, medicines, and all medical supplies – both for the individual and their family
  • Eye tests by an optometrist
  • Dental check

We will discuss your requirements with you and are happy to customise the Pre-deployment Medical to your employees’ needs.

Who would benefit from a pre/post deployment medical?

Any staff preparing for or returning from deployment abroad.

Pre- and Post-deployment medicals not only protect employee health. By offering a pre-deployment medical to help optimise fitness for overseas work, and a post-deployment medical to assure fitness on return to the UK, they can also help satisfy your legal duty of care as an employer.

How do I book an appointment?

Pre- and Post-Deployment medicals are tailored to the specific requirements of your company, your employee and their assignment, so we ask that you submit an enquiry form containing details giving the necessary details.

Please include any supporting documentation when submitting your enquiry. We will reply with a quote and next available dates for an appointment.

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    Staff wellbeing should be supported even for those who appear without visible health conditions. Someone who may seem young and healthy may still have a relevant medical history and/or health concerns that their employer is unaware of, so it is always beneficial to treat all employees the same, regardless of age or apparent good health.

    We can discuss this with you if you are unsure if both are appropriate. In most cases, when someone has a pre-deployment medical, they usually also merit a post-deployment medical on their return. We can advise you accordingly.

    As with all medicals, our occupational health physician can only advise based on the information provided within the medical. It is therefore beneficial to all parties to disclose relevant and accurate information during a medical.