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Private Covid Vaccine

Fleet St. Clinic is delighted to be among the first UK medical practices to offer Covid-19 vaccinations privately, having campaigned to do this ever since vaccines were no longer in short supply. We now have good supplies of the latest Pfizer XBB 1.5 Covid-19 vaccine.

We wholeheartedly endorse the NHS Covid vaccination programme, with all our doctors and nurses volunteering to participate at various points in the pandemic. NHS vaccination is now directed at those most at risk from Covid complications.

However, coronavirus infection remains a hazard for us all, and many other people also wish to be protected. Protection can be especially important for those keen to avoid illness abroad, people in key occupations, and anyone in close contact with vulnerable friends and relatives.

Private Covid vaccination is important for:

Travel and leisure:

  • Respiratory infection is 6 times more likely when travelling, and Covid is no exception.
  • People who travel have less access to diagnosis, medical care and treatment, so prevention is even more important

Protecting family and friends:

  • Many of us have elderly or vulnerable family and friends but are not eligible for NHS vaccination ourselves – we need to protect them.

Occupation and employment:

  • If you work in close contact with the public or in healthcare, you are more likely to become infected, and can spread infection more easily to others.
  • If you work in a critical role or close-knit team, your health matters for those around you. For example, in September 2023, a minor Covid outbreak among air traffic controllers resulted in travel chaos and major disruption. It’s vital to help those in key roles to stay healthy.

Medical concerns and supporting holistic care:

  • Some people have missed out on vaccination, because of anxiety about its effects, fear of needles, or worries about pre-existing medical conditions. It is important for all clinicians to be able to address such concerns beyond the NHS setting, so that every medical encounter can provide an opportunity to deliver holistic care.

Covid vaccination is safe, effective, and protects against serious illness

How much does a Covid Vaccine cost?

Our goal is to make Covid vaccination as affordable as possible.

Our initial price is £95 per dose.

Is your vaccine the same as the one used by the NHS Covid Vaccine programme?

Yes, we use the most up to date Pfizer Covid vaccine.

Are your staff experienced in giving Covid vaccination?


All our nurses and doctors are skilled and experienced vaccinators, and have participated in the NHS programme.

Find out more about our other vaccines against respiratory infections:

What other Covid services do you provide?

We offer rapid PCR tests for Covid and other respiratory viruses

We provide scalable Covid PCR testing for individuals and groups, in our own quality-assured laboratory.

We also offer a PCR respiratory panel screening test, able to detect 23 different causes of respiratory infection, delivering results in about an hour, enabling rapid treatment.

Can you provide treatment for Covid?

This is not available privately at present.

Covid-19 antiviral treatment is currently still restricted to the NHS.

Do you provide workplace Covid vaccinations?

Yes, this is possible.

Please submit the enquiry form below with your company details and the number of vaccinations your company requires.

There is a comments section to add in more details such as your location and whether you’d like to offer other services on the same day.

Our team will get back to you promptly, usually the same day, with further information and costs.

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    One of the first to offer private covid vaccination

    I wanted to get a private covid vaccination as soon as it is available.
    The Fleet street clinic must be one of the first places in London, where the private Covid vaccination is available. I booked on Saturday for my appointment on Monday. When I got to the clinic I waited for less than 5 minutes. The staff were friendly and welcoming. Overall a very pleasant experience. I'm glad to have the vaccine as I'm not eligible under new NHS rules.


    No, it is not too late to have the Covid-19 vaccine, even if you haven’t received any previous vaccinations. It is strongly advisable for unvaccinated individuals to receive a single dose of the latest Covid-19 vaccine in order to be protected.

    The Covid-19 virus has different variants, and as a result, Covid-19 vaccines are updated to offer protection against the latest circulating strains.  Immunity to Covid-19 fades over time and the original vaccines do not offer good protection against the latest circulating strains. A booster dose of the vaccine can ensure that you have the best protection against the current strain.

    The private Covid-19 vaccination is licensed to be given to individuals from 12 years and above.

    The vaccination is suitable for the majority of adults, and it is very rare that the vaccination cannot be given.  Our experienced medical team will assess your suitability for the vaccination during your appointment.

    Yes, the vaccination is safe to receive whilst pregnant.  Contracting Covid-19 during pregnancy can lead to complications for both mother and baby, and therefore the vaccination is advised in all stages of pregnancy.

    Yes, the vaccination is safe to receive whilst breastfeeding.

    We advise that if you are suffering from an acute febrile illness, that the vaccination is postponed until you have recovered. Mild illness should not prevent you from receiving the vaccination.

    We will always try to accommodate any request for vaccination, but we prefer to see people by appointment  on account of the short shelf life and cost of the vaccine.

    The NHS is offering certain groups of individuals free Covid-19 vaccinations as part of the spring booster campaign. Only certain eligible groups are entitled to receive free vaccination. Our service is not linked to the NHS and only provides Covid vaccination privately.

    Yes, we will be happy to vaccinate you. If you do not meet the criteria for NHS vaccination, you can be vaccinated against Covid-19 privately.