Occupational Health Medicals

Occupational Health Medicals

Occupational Health medicals are usually a health and safety requirement for certain industries and some are even mandatory.

They support your employees with a variety of health risks including exposure to hazardous materials, support health and wellbeing when travelling for work and confirm the fitness to work of an individual.

Occupational health medicals support your company:

  • By offering a safe environment for your employees
  • Lower health stress of employees and employers
  • Meet your legal requirements, reducing potential for legal action
  • Limiting health risks for your employees
  • Show your workforce that you are a caring employer, improving motivation and goodwill
  • Increase productivity due to a reduced sickness

Knowing, adapting and reducing health risks within a workplace fulfil your duty of care as an employer and are encouraged within every company regardless of size or industry.

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VISA Medical

Many countries require a medical check-up as part of their VISA process. At the Fleet Street Clinic, we offer a wide range of visa medicals tailored to the requirements of the country.

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Oil & Gas Medical

Oil and Gas Medicals are an employment requirement for all working in the oil & gas industry in the UK. They ensure an individual’s fitness to work within the special environment of the oil and gas industry.

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Asbestos Medical

Asbestos is a known occupational health hazard. Exposure to the fibres can cause serious health complications and so since 2012 it is a workplace requirement for all those working with asbestos to have regular asbestos medicals.

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Driver's Medical

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) set out numerous mandatory drivers medical for certain licenses such as the HGV Driver D4 medical for Heavy Goods Vehicle drivers. It is important to obtain this prior to application.

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Pre-employment Medical

Pre-employment medicals can be engaged after a job offer has been made to assess an employee’s fitness to work in the job. They highlight any job alterations required for an employee to safely and successfully start their new role.

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Deployment Medical

Arranging Pre-deployment and Post-deployment Medicals for your employees can help support their health and wellbeing throughout the course of their assignment abroad as well as on their return to the UK.

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