Choosing the Right Corporate Healthcare Programme

19.05.2019 Category: Corporate Healthcare Author: Caroline McKenzie

Are you considering setting up a corporate health programme for your company?

The benefits of introducing a workplace health and wellbeing programme are clear: it has been proven that a successful corporate wellbeing programme leads to higher productivity, decreases in absenteeism and lower staff turnover. Ultimately, if your employees feeling healthy and looked after at work, it allows them to  reach their potential and helps your company to achieve its business goals.

Perhaps as a result of the growing evidence in favour of such initiatives, businesses are now investing more than ever into corporate wellness programmes.

But with so many options available, how do you begin to create your own bespoke workplace programme? Firstly, be prepared to set aside time and budget. At the initial planning stage, there are several important factors to consider: how to structure the programme to your company’s ethos and business objectives, how to ensure staff involvement (at all levels), considering the size of your workplace, personalisation according to the needs of your company and the requirements of individual employees.

Fleet Street Clinic Corporate Wellbeing Programmes

At Fleet Street Clinic, we create bespoke corporate programmes across the UK. We work with companies of all sizes –  from local businesses to City firms to international media agencies. We have a wealth of medical experts available, from hypnotherapists, osteopaths, dieticians, and can offer all kinds of services on site such as flu jabs, health screens and GP services.

We deliver programmes designed to boost the health and happiness of your staff, building and strengthening your workforce. 

Want to find out more? You can visit our Corporate Healthcare Services page and make an enquiry. One of our Corporate Managers will be in touch soon. 

Have a Healthy Start to the New Year, with Fleet Street Clinic

03.01.2018 Category: Dietitian Author: Dr Belinda Griffiths

The New Year is a time for reflection, resolutions, and making a fresh start.

At Fleet Street Clinic, we want our patients to start the year in good shape, by offering a New Year “Top to Toe” special and 10% off selected health screens throughout January.

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1. “Top to Toe” New Year special – £333*

This includes 3 treatments: a Standard Well Man/Well Woman Medical, and choose two of the following:

(* Denotes a standard 30 minute appointment)

2. January Savings

Fleet Street Clinic is offering a 10% discount on:

  • Medicals (includes comprehensive medicals and standard Well Man and Well Woman medicals)
  • Sexual Health screens

For bookings, please contact us on 0207 353 5678, email or book an appointment online.

Each medical includes GP Consultation, full medical history and physical examination, Blood Pressure, BMI, coronary risk score, urinalysis, blood tests (including cholesterol levels, liver & kidney functions, diabetes screen). The Well Woman medical includes a cervical smear.

*Pricing is subject to change, this expired 31st January 2018.