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Recombinant Flu Vaccine - The Most Advanced Protection from Influenza

16.08.2023 Category: Flu Jabs Author: Dr Richard Dawood

Recombinant Flu Jab – The Most Advanced Protection from Influenza

In a world constantly battling the threat of infectious diseases, the importance of vaccinations cannot be underestimated. Influenza – the flu – is a year-round, global respiratory threat that remains a constant concern, owing to the ability of flu viruses to mutate rapidly and cause seasonal epidemics.

As science advances, so does our ability to protect ourselves from flu. Applying recombinant technology to flu vaccines is a remarkable breakthrough that has created a new generation of premium vaccines, capable of delivering enhanced protection.

Why are recombinant flu vaccines the premium offering in comparison to other flu vaccines?

Traditional flu vaccines are created by growing influenza viruses in chicken eggs, allowing the viruses to replicate, and then inactivating or weakening them for use as vaccines. This process, while effective, presents several challenges, including the potential for the virus to mutate during replication in eggs.

Recombinant flu vaccines offer an innovative alternative to these traditional methods. Instead of using live viruses, these vaccines utilise genetic engineering techniques to produce specific proteins found on the surface of the influenza virus. These proteins are then harvested and used as the key components in the vaccine.

Notably, recombinant flu vaccines eliminate the need for egg-based production, thus addressing concerns related to egg allergies and the risk of viral mutations.

Key benefits

Precise Targeting: Recombinant flu vaccines consist only of precise copies of the surface antigen proteins that flu viruses use to enter our cells. This enables the immune system to recognise and remember them, ensuring the most robust immune response possible whenever flu viruses are encountered.

Enhanced Effectiveness: The genetic engineering process in recombinant vaccines ensures a high degree of consistency and purity in the vaccine components. This consistency translates to enhanced vaccine effectiveness, reducing the risk of a mismatch between the vaccine strains and the circulating flu viruses.

Reduced Allergic Reactions: Individuals with egg allergies often face a dilemma when considering traditional flu vaccines, as these vaccines are cultivated in eggs. Recombinant flu vaccines eliminate this concern, providing a safe option for those with egg allergies.

Forward-Thinking Defence: The adaptability of the flu virus demands a vaccination strategy that can keep up with its mutations. Recombinant vaccines, designed with a focus on the virus’s evolutionary genetics offers a forward-thinking defence by stimulating immunity against a broader range of potential viral strains.

Broader Accessibility: Traditional flu vaccine production is dependent on the availability of fertile chicken eggs and a lengthy production process. Recombinant vaccines overcome these limitations, allowing for more rapid production and distribution, even in situations where egg supplies are compromised.

So, why choose a recombinant flu jab over a traditional standard fu jab?

In the fight against influenza, staying ahead of the mutating virus requires cutting-edge solutions. Recombinant flu vaccinations represent a quantum leap in our approach to flu protection, offering a targeted, effective, and forward-looking defence against the ever-changing flu strains.

As technology continues to evolve, these vaccines hold the promise of becoming the gold standard in flu protection, providing individuals with a safer, more reliable shield against this seasonal threat.

So, when the flu season comes around, consider the power of recombinant flu vaccinations—the premium offering for your ultimate flu protection.


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    Flu Vaccine Clinic Now Open

    19.05.2018 Category: Flu Jabs Author: Dr Richard Dawood

    Flu Vaccines in London

    Private Flu Vaccination Clinic London

    Are you looking for a flu vaccine in London?

    Fleet Street Clinic’s flu vaccination clinic in central London is open until March 2021. We have highly-qualified staff on hand, experienced at vaccinating all ages, including young children and babies.

    Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we are inviting all patients to book in their chosen appointment. This was we can manage the number of people waiting at any given time.

    Please arrive at your appointed time and you will be seen by our welcoming team. Help us keep you safe by booking in your appointment and turning up to it alone, wearing a face covering.

    Book Your Flu Jab

    Here are a few useful things to know before you come:


    We are based in central London at Fleet Street Clinic, 29 Fleet Street, London, EC4Y 1AA. Our flu vaccine service runs by appointment-only most weekdays, Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm.

    Find all available dates and times here.


    You can be vaccinated against flu at Fleet Street Clinic most weekdays between 9am – 5pm (please note these opening times are different to those of Fleet Street Clinic). Check availability and book an appointment prior to turning up.

    The flu clinic is open until March 2021.


    View a full list of costs here.


    As a specialist centre, we offer a wide choice of flu vaccine types and technologies available. Find out more…


    The Fleet Street Clinic is the only UK medical practice to offer point-of care flu diagnosis using molecular technology. We can provide a laboratory-confirmed diagnosis of flu and other upper respiratory viruses including Covid-19 – in just over an hour. We don’t just vaccinate against flu, we can diagnose and treat in a single visit.

    If you have any further questions about the flu jab or other travel vaccinations, our experienced team of nurses can help.