Cyclospora Outbreak

19.05.2018 Category: News Author: Anna Chapman

There is currently an outbreak of Cyclospora related to travel in Mexico.

A Public Health England Health Protection Report highlights 204 confirmed cases since June 1st, 2016.

The cases are mainly associated with travel to Mexico, specifically the Riviera Maya Coast. The average incubation period is a week and infection is characterised by watery diarrhoea, fatigue, muscle pain, weight loss, nausea and low-grade fever. The foods previously involved in cyclospora outbreaks include soft fruits, such as raspberries, and salad products such as coriander, basil and lettuce. If untreated the illness can last for several weeks.

The Fleet Street Clinic can run a stool sample test that can diagnose Cyclosporiasis among many other causes of diarrhoea in returning travellers, and you will get your reults back in an hour of the test being done. If you are worried about any symptoms you have post travel to Mexico or any other country then call our reception team on 02073535678.

Or you can book an appointment online.

Fleet Street Clinic Bug of the Week: Cyclospora

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