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COVID-19 RT-PCR & Antibody Testing

Guaranteed Same-Day Testing & Results in London.


At the Fleet Street Clinic, we believe in fast, straightforward access to Coronavirus testing; Covid-19 rt-PCR testing & Covid-19 Antibody Testing

Using our onsite PCR equipment we can guarantee same day results for individuals and corporates, for both diagnosis and travel purposes. 

Knowing results quickly can help control the spread of Covid-19, speed up care, protect your workplace and facilitate international travel.

Early detection helps slow the spread of SARS-CoV-2 in the community. We believe that everyone who needs a coronavirus test should be able to get access as speedily as they want.

We can help you decide which test (if any) is most appropriate, and provide written documentation of test results.


Covid-19 Coronavirus rt-PCR Testing:

Our rt-PCR tests detect Covid-19 virus with a high degree of accuracy, meeting Internationally-recognised standards for travel purposes.

Guaranteed same day results available with rapid rt-PCR testing
We are an approved provider for the Governments “Test to Release” scheme: Find out more
We are regulated by the CQC

Testing options:

Covid-19 rt-PCR Testing

For people with current or recent symptoms to confirms if someone currently has an active Covid-19 infection.

Rapid PCR Testing

Next Day PCR Testing

Standard PCR Testing

  • Results guaranteed within 10 hours
  • Travel Certificate Inc.
  • rt-PCR taken by a healthcare provider
  • Results guaranteed next day
  • Travel Certificate Inc.
  • rt-PCR taken by a healthcare provider
  • Results guaranteed in 2 days.
  • Travel Certificate Inc.
  • rt-PCR taken by a healthcare provider

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Covid-19 rt-PCR testing provides definitive evidence of a Covid-Negative result, where required for travel.
For more information about the newly detected Covid-19 strain.

Same Day Covid-19 rt-PCR Testing & Results

– Rapid results guaranteed same-day.
– This test can detect the new variants of coronavirus.

Results within 10 hours: Covid-19 rt-PCR testing costs £495: We guarantee same day results.
– Guaranteed within 10 hours.

In some cases, we may also be able to provide an out-of-hours service.

Fleet Street Clinic are one of the only medical practices in the UK able to offer this rapid Covid-19 testing service. Our services are fully approved and validated. 

If you have symptoms of Covid-19, we would ask you NOT to come to the clinic in person. We can still carry out a same day Covid-19 test, but will help you take your own sample and arrange a courier collection so you can still receive same day results.

Alternatively, we can arrange a home visit by a nurse or doctor in PPE to your chosen location. 

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Alternatively, if you have any questions you can either call 0207 353 5678 or email us your requirements


Rapid Covid-19 rt-PCR testing can be used for travel purposes and the Government “Test to Release” scheme.
Results are provided same-day with a Covid-Negative certificate, if required.

Find out more about “Test to Release” Scheme

Find out more about Same-Day Covid-19 rt-PCR Testing for Travel Purposes


Standard Covid-19 rt-PCR Testing

For lower cost, we can send less urgent Covid-19 samples to a trusted, accredited external laboratory.

– This test can detect the new variant of coronavirus.

Standard Covid-19 rt PCR testing costs £295: turnaround time from receipt of the sample at the lab is 2-3 days.
– Turnaround times depend on the demand at the lab, which may be unpredictable.

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Taking your own Covid-19 PCR Sample:

For self-sampling, we are able to send you a self-sample home kit to your chosen location. It will contain all that you need to take the sample and return it back to us safely.

Before attempting to take your sample, we advise that you watch our video to demonstrate the self-sample technique. The better the sample, the more accurate the result. A complimentary video call with one of our nurses is also included in the cost.

Our nurses will guide you through the self-sample process and answer any questions or concerns you may have. Once the sample is analysed, we will help explain the results to you and support your diagnosis, if required.  



Frequently Asked Questions about Covid-19 rt-PCR Testing:

What do you mean by same day results?

Our rapid Covid-19 PCR testing is guaranteed within 24 hours of your appointment or when your sample arrives back to the clinic, if taken outside of the clinic. 

We call this same day testing, however, please note most test results are delivered within 12 hours. If you require your results quicker than this, we will do our best to help. When enquiring please inform our receptionist of your time constraint and they can explain the best options available to you.

For those with urgent requests, please call reception to see what appointments we have available for the day. We will try to accommodate where we can.


What is rt-PCR?

It stands for “real time reverse transcriptase Polymerase Chain Reaction”. It is a highly sensitive method of detecting viral genetic molecules, and a simple technical explantation is as follows.  The coronavirus genome is stored in molecules called RNA. The technique uses an enzyme to “reverse transcribe” RNA into DNA, and then to make many copies of any resulting DNA molecules that are an exact match with unique “target” sections of the coronavirus genome, to the point where they can be detected. 

How does a PCR test work?

A throat and nasal sample is required. It will be taken by a nurse, a doctor, or by yourself at home under our guidance (via video call). The sample will then be analysed using a PCR machine. The PCR test works by detecting the genetic material of a virus at a molecular level. It can identify not just COVID-19, but also influenza, common cold viruses and other causes of respiratory infection from the same sample. This means it can pinpoint the exact cause of your symptoms. PCR testing can confirm or rule out an active Coronavirus (Covid-19) infection.


How do you get results so quickly?

Large laboratories process thousands of samples. They have to cope with the logistics of transporting and receiving samples, logging every sample that comes in, managing the data, and issuing results in bulk with plenty of scope for delay.
We have been using “point-of-care” PCR for in-clinic diagnosis for the past 4-years already. We have invested heavily in smaller systems that are operated from Fleet Street Clinic. The process is complicated and so delays still occasionally occur. To mitigate this risk, we have four different systems that back up one another. We process only a small number of samples and give each of them high priority. Therefore, we can guarantee all same day results are provided within a maximum of 24 hours.

Why is testing expensive?

The equipment and consumables are expensive and in very short supply worldwide. For this reason, we cannot rely on a single system. Maintenance and unavailable consumables are unpredictable. Therefore, we have committed to multiple systems. This guarantees we can keep to deadlines, avoid delays, and deliver results whenever we promise too. Unfortunately, this carries a high cost.

Will you help me understand my results?

We provide a full medical service, not just the sample analysis. Our end-to-end service includes: taking the sample, the testing itself, helping to interpret the result for you, and providing full documentation. If necessary, we will also liaise with your employer, your airline or your travel company. If you have a positive result we will notify public health authorities. We will also provide you with guidance on isolation and any additional measures or precautions that may be needed. 

What’s the fastest achievable turnaround?

We are often asked this question by people who have been tested elsewhere. The usual problem is they haven’t received their results in time for their flight. Our fastest system can deliver results in just 65 minutes. This is from when the sample is loaded into the machine. We may already have samples lined up for testing. So, we always need a little more time than this to turn things around.
If your result is needed very urgently, please explain this when booking your appointment and we’ll give it top priority.

What type of sample is needed for PCR?

A PCR test requires a swab sample from the throat and nose. The swab looks like a long “cotton bud”. The swab is touched against the back of the throat, and the inside of the nose. If a person is shedding virus, infected cells and viral particles are trapped on the fibres of the swab, ready for analysis. 

Can PCR be done on a blood test?

Coronavirus rt-PCR tests cannot be performed on a blood sample. Covid-19 blood tests detect antibodies, which the body produces in response to a Covid-19 infection. Therefore, the presence of antibodies denotes past infection not active infection. Whereas PCR tests detect current infection collecting a sample of live virus from the nose and throat.

I think I have been in contact with a positive case – when should I be tested?

The majority of people test positive on PCR by Day 5 or Day 6 following exposure to an infected case. However, in some cases it can take up to 14 days for a person to develop Covid-19 symptoms. This is why there is a self-isolation period of 14 days following contact with a Covid-positive person.

Covid-19 Coronavirus Antibody Testing

Antibody testing identifies IgM / IgG antibodies in your blood. Taken in conjunction with your medical history, these tests can help provide confirmation of past infection.

We currently offer 2 types of Covid-19 Antibody Tests:

Instant Antibody Testing: uses a small blood sample taken via a finger prick by a nurse or doctor.
During the same appointment, we will take the blood sample, analyse the outcome and share the results. Providing you with instant confirmation of presence of IgM / IgG antibodies.

Laboratory Abbotts Antibody Testing: uses a venous blood sample collection by a nurse or doctor and is sent to a laboratory for analysis. An accredited laboratory will analyse your results and we will provide these to you in 2-3 days. 

We offer both tests in our clinic for £195.
– This cost includes our appointment fee, and help interpreting the results.

We recommend antibody testing only for people who have had symptoms of possible infection, more than 14 days previously. Or in some circumstances following a positive rt-PCR result.

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Covid-19 Antibody Testing

Identifies IgM / IgG antibodies in your blood. For people who would like confirmation of past Covid-19 infection.

Instant Testing

ELISA Testing

  • Results in 15-minutes.
  • Results provided during appointment.
  • Results in 2-3 days.
  • Results analyses by external lab.

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It is not suitable for general screening of people who have had no symptoms. The test has limitations that can make it difficult to interpret. 

We can carry out both tests during a home or workplace visit for an additional cost.


We strongly support the work of the NHS. Many of our staff are actively involved in the national response to the coronavirus crisis. You can be assured that none of our services have a negative impact on NHS resources.

If you are a corporate client interested in providing tests and/or “back-to-work” health support for your employees, please contact our  Corporate Team.

For more information about Coronavirus, Covid-19 Return To Work Services.




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