Corporate Coronavirus Testing

Corporate Coronavirus Testing

Regular testing for Covid-19 within the workplace is one of the most effective ways to monitor and stop the spread of coronavirus among your employees, and to reduce the impact of Covid-19 on your activities. As we learn to live with the virus, many businesses are looking at ways to safely return their employees back to work, but many testing regimens are flawed and fail to achieve their goals simply because they use tests that are not sensitive enough, or have turnaround times that are not fast enough. At the Fleet Street Clinic, we have our own test equipment and can guarantee to test large numbers of samples in the shortest possible times.

Covid-19 still poses a serious workplace risk to the health of employees and their families, and many companies are investing in ways to incorporate frequent testing into the workplace. Regular Covid-19 rt-PCR testing is the “gold standard” testing method for Covid-19. It can dramatically reduce workplace anxiety and give employees peace of mind when returning back to work.

Testing offers a safe way to identify those who are currently infectious with coronavirus, whether or not they have symptoms of coronavirus infection. Anyone with possible symptoms can be quickly tested and can have a confirmed diagnosis on the same day. Our service includes providing appropriate advice and support in the event of a positive result, both for the individual employee as well as the organisation – including advice on isolation, quarantine, and contact tracing.

For anyone with upper respiratory symptoms, there is the option to test for a full “panel” of respiratory viruses – not just Covid-19. This enables us to give a confirmed diagnosis of viruses that cause colds, flu, and other symptoms that mimic coronavirus infection, that might otherwise trigger quarantine and self-isolation.

Our services are geared to making the testing process as seamless as possible, with a minimum of disruption. We offer a variety of testing options, from ad-hoc, individual, “white glove” concierge services, to mass workplace testing.

Our mass workplace testing can be delivered on-site at your place of business, on a movie set, at a hotel, or even at an airport. You will be under the care of one of our dedicated Corporate Business Managers, who will arrange for a nurse – or team of nurses – to attend your chosen location to deliver testing to your entire workplace. We can work with you to determine the optimal frequency of testing to achieve your goals, and also the number of tests that can be safely delivered at each coronavirus testing session. You will be in good hands – we  are highly experienced in Coronavirus testing and are confident we can satisfy the most exacting demands.

If you require ad-hoc concierge service for an individual Covid-19 rt-PCR test, we can provide this either at the clinic or a nurse at a specified location such as a hotel, a home address or a workplace for your convenience.

Some countries require pre-travel antibody testing as a condition of entry, and our coronavirus antibody tests can be delivered  in the same way. Coronavirus antibody tests may also have some value in estimating the current level of immunity in your workforce. We offer a choice of antibody tests, including spike-protein specific antibodies, and will be happy to advise on the most suitable choice.

Fast and reliable covid-19 testing for individuals and large-scale projects

Do you do large scale corporate projects?

Yes, over the last 12-months we have done many corporate projects that are large scale from a range of different businesses.

We can work closely with you to accommodate any specific requirements you may have, no matter the size and complexity. You will be allocated a corporate business manager who’ll discuss the best way to minimise risks whilst conducting a mass testing session. We are confident that we can deliver your large scale corporate covid-19 testing for your company quickly, safely and calmly.

How quickly can you turn around a Covid-19 rt-PCR test?

Our concierge service means we are able to meet even the strictest of deadlines.

Simply call our corporate team, tell them exactly what you need and when you need your results and we will make it happen. We can easily deliver same day results. Most of the time we can deliver results within a couple of hours. We benefit from an onsite laboratory where we are in full control over our samples. We have 5 different PCR machines able to deliver results in as little as 1.5 hours, once a sample is received.

Do you have experience supporting the production and film industry?

Yes, since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, we have worked closely with a number of well established production companies both in the UK and worldwide.

We have a dedicated corporate Covid management team that will facilitate any projects that require onset Covid-19 testing.

Prior to the pandemic, and for many years now, we’ve successfully supported the TV, media & news industry with workplace OH, workplace vaccinations, medicals and medical emergencies. We understand the special requirements needed for mass volume with strict filming deadlines and the fast-paced nature of the business. You can depend on us.

What is ultra-rapid testing?

Ultra-rapid testing guarantees results in 5 hours or less.

It is our quickest option for Covid-19 testing delivering same day results. If you need a test urgently, please give our team a call and we will do everything we can to ensure the results come back to you as soon as possible.

What is same day testing?

Same day testing guarantees rapid results within 24 hours.

If your company requires regular testing with a fast but not immediate turnaround, this is a great option as it is both cost effective and efficient but still delivers same day results.

What is standard testing?

Standard testing guarantees results within 48 hours.

Those requiring regular, non-urgent testing may find this a suitable option. It is our slowest turnaround time for covid-19 testing but by market-standards it still delivers rapid results. This test still meets most International travel time requirements.

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