• Alcohol Hand Gel x 1
  • Tampons x 3
  • Paracetamol, 500mg x 12
  • Cymalon sachet x 6
  • Fluconazole Capsule, 150mg x ?
  • Clotrimazole Pessary x 1
  • Antibiotics: Trimethoprim tablets 200mg x 6

The Gynae Kit contains prescription medication. Therefore, when purchasing this medical kit, you will be asked some additional medical questions. Our pharmacist will review your medical information and approve the safe use of the medicines. Please note the pharmacist will not be able to release your medical kit without the completed medical information.

Please note: The medical pouch provided may be different from those illustrated.

If you would like a bespoke medical kit, email us with your specific requirements.

Weight 0.2 kg
Brand Fleet Street Clinic
Intended for General female use, backpacking, business travel, expeditions, trekking
Group Size 1 person
Usage Multi-use
Contains Antibiotics Yes


The Gynae Medical Kit has been specifically prepared by Fleet Street pharmacists and is an all-in-one kit suitable to help treat the most common gynaecological issues that happen when travelling abroad.

Every female traveller should consider travelling with a Gynae Medical Kit. There are many female-specific health concerns that may occur whilst travelling. Unfortunately, urinary tract infections (UTI’s) and thrush (yeast infections) are common among female travellers. In addition to this, access to specific medications or female sanitary items can be limited and/ or unreliable. Those travelling to rural areas are at a higher risk of being 24 hours away from reliable medical facilities. Carrying a Gynae Medical Kit will enable you to treat mild cases of thrush, relieve the symptoms of cystitis, treat a wide range of infections including UTI’s on-the-go and potentially prevent further complications.

As travel health specialists, we recommend that all female travellers carry their own Gynae Medical Kits regardless of their destination.

The Gynae Medical Kit can treat:

  • Vaginal Thrush
  • Other Vaginal Yeast Infections
  • Cystitis
  • Urinary Infections

The Gynae Kit contains two anti-fungal medications – one oral tablet and one vaginal tablet, both for the treatment of vaginal yeast infections.


The Gynae Medical Kit is intended to assist with the treatment of common gynaecological issues. Please read the patient information leaflet that accompanies each medication. Travellers should seek urgent medical care if there is no improvement within 7 days.


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