Nurse Clinic

Nurse Clinic

Our team of highly-qualified, friendly nurses can bring their medical expertise and care directly to your place of work. Nurse services are very versatile and can provide a variety of services ranging from Covid-19 rt-PCR testing to instant cholesterol tests to wellness or travel vaccines.

Having to take time off work for small health checks or vaccinations can often mean that people delay actually doing it, despite the long-term benefits. We like to take all the inconvenience of booked time off work and traveling to a clinic by bringing our services straight to your employees.

Regular visits from a nurse can highlight any existing health issues as well as prevent potential health issues developing in the future. This usually means less sick leave and improved morale and productivity in the workplace.

Focus on employee health and wellbeing

What services can a nurse clinic provide?

Nurses can provide a variety of different services, such as Covid-19 rt-PCR testing and Covid-19 antibody testing.

They can also change dressings and remove stitches.

Most companies wanting an onsite nurse session opt to carry out a specific predetermined service such as an instant health check. That could be a cholesterol panel or a HbA1C (diabetes) test. They are a great way to provide a staff benefit without being too personal. They are very valuable to your employees because cholesterol is a silent killer without symptoms and diabetes often goes unnoticed.

Our nurses also specialise in wellness and travel vaccinations.

How does it work?

All you need to do is give our clinic a call and you will be assigned your own corporate business manager who will handle any requirements you have.

If you are unsure of which service is right for you, your corporate business manager can give you advice based on the industry you are in and what they think your employees might need. They will then make all the necessary arrangements and on the day, the nurse will set themselves up and deliver the service as required.

How frequently should we have an onsite nurse clinic?

Nurses can visit as frequently as you would like. Instant health checks can be done quarterly if providing continued care.

This allows for enough visits to be able to regularly monitor whether the health status of individuals is improving, staying the same or getting worse. However, they can be done annually if the purpose is educational rather than health monitoring.
It is possible to create a yearly plan, whereby you offer a variety of tests throughout the year.

Can a nurse carry out multiple services on the same day?

Yes, our nurses can carry out as many services as you like.

Which services you require and how many employees you have will dictate how long the nurse may need to be on site and if necessary, we can send more than one nurse to guarantee a fast and efficient service. Your corporate business manager will just need to know in advance which services you will be expecting to ensure the nurses bring all the necessary supplies with them.

What happens if after testing, an employee needs further tests/medication?

The nurse will make any necessary recommendations to the employee and if they require any further treatment, this can either be booked through you at a further cost or they can privately book themselves an appointment.

We believe in continuity of care and will do what we can to benefit your employee.

How much does a nurse clinic cost?

Our service is bespoke and depends on a number of different factors.

The chosen health service and the number of employees will dictate the price. We do have corporate prices but you can look on our private patient fees for a rough cost indication. When organising the service with your business manager, they can discuss pricing with you and provide you a breakdown of all the costs.

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    How many employees need this service?*

    Yes, we have delivered workplace flu vaccinations for the last 25 years. Our highly experienced nurses can deliver onsite flu programmes at your place of work, alternatively, your employees can get vaccinated at our Central London clinic. For more information, click here.

    Nurses and GPs provide different services, there is some crossover but which service you require will dictate which clinician we suggest. A nurse is able to complete most health checks whereby a GP can discuss your symptoms, diagnose and provide prescriptions. Your corporate business manager will be able to explain this for you and they can provide guidance on which clinician’s service will best suit you and your employees.

    If necessary, yes we can. Usually we are able to carry out whichever service you require with just one nurse onsite, however if you want multiple services carried out on a large number of employees in one day, then we will be able to allocate nurses to meet your needs.