Corporate Onsite GP Clinic

Corporate Onsite GP Clinic

Our corporate GP services are completely bespoke and can be carried out onsite at your place of work for maximum convenience. Fleet Street Clinic has a team of highly-qualified GPs who are vastly experienced in a range of health conditions. 

We offer a trusted and confidential environment, whereby your employees can discuss their health concerns with one of our general doctors.

We can tailor our onsite GP clinic to meet your company needs. You can choose between a regular onsite doctor’s presence or a dedicated health screening delivered onsite for your employees.

Having an onsite doctor present for a designated time on a regular basis has many benefits. Offering a confidential drop-in doctors clinic is a convenient way to support your employees health needs. These will vary in health concerns and urgency. Your employees will be able to book individual appointments to discuss their health concerns in private, such as skin concerns, back problems, cholesterol level checks, upper respiratory problems such as asthma, headaches and migraines and long term diseases such as diabetes. This service addresses a wide scope of health concerns in an easy and efficient way. For continuity of care, we will ensure that the same GP attends your onsite sessions. This allows them to get to know your individual employees and their health, making treatment more efficient. Our GPs can provide prescriptions during the visits if pre-approved.

Alternatively, you may have a health concern in mind that you’d like to address by offering your staff a particular health benefit. This could be an annual medical, a breast or prostate screening or mental health support. These types of appointments tend to be infrequent and provide health support for one health concern in particular. They can form part of a wider health and wellbeing strategy.

You may in fact want to investigate a combination of the two – which is possible.

There are certain workplace risk factors which can impact an individual’s health such as, a highly stressful environment, a sedentary job, poor ergonomic work space, unsociable hours, working excessively long hours. Each of these factors can impact your employees health in a negative way. Providing your staff with a GP clinic acts to safeguard your employees by monitoring potential health concerns. 

Whether you want a regular onsite doctor or you are looking for a one-off GP service, we can help.

We come to you!

What services can a GP offer?

Simply put, they can carry out any service that you would usually go to your own doctor's surgery for.

Whether you are feeling generally unwell, have a concern about a pain or lump, or just want a blood test. GPs are highly knowledgeable in a whole breadth of medical conditions and can refer on to specialists if you require any further treatment that they are unable to carry out. 

How frequently should we have an onsite GP clinic?

How frequently you have an onsite session can vary company to company. The size of your company would have an impact on how often.

A GP can only see a certain number of your employees in one day – therefore a monthly session may be suitable for your headcount. Larger corporates tend to opt for weekly sessions. 

You may opt for a health check for a specific reason on a specific date. For example, you might wish to run a breast cancer screen during breast cancer awareness month (October) or mental health assessments during mental health awareness week (May). Therefore, the frequency for this service could be annually.

Can we have the same GP each time?

Yes, we will do our best to provide the same doctor each time for regular sessions.

Our doctors actually prefer this so they can provide better care to your staff. Your employees will be more open and honest as they build a trusted relationship with our GP.

How can I arrange this service for my company?

Simply make an inquiry with the form below and you will be assigned a dedicated corporate business manager who will always be on hand to answer questions you may have as well as arranging the service for you.

Anytime you want to arrange a GP service in the future, simply get in touch with your assigned manager and they will be happy to help with whatever you need.

How long should we book the GP for?

This completely depends on the health service you would like us to provide and how many members of staff you have.

If you opt for a drop-in clinic, then you can choose how long you want the GP to be onsite based on 15-minute appointment slots. If you want them to carry out a specific service, then the time will be based on the number of employees who will be requiring the service. Any logistical questions can be answered in more detail with your corporate business manager.

Do we have to set up space for the GP in the office?

All you need to do is provide a designated area that is separate from the main office space, or ideally a private room such as a meeting room - this ensures privacy and confidentiality.

Once the GP arrives, they will arrange and set up the given area to create a safe and comfortable environment that is appropriate for the service that they will be carrying out.

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    Truly such an exceptional group of medical professionals

    Though I live in the US this is now my go-to location should I need anything medical whilst in the UK. We discussed at length my medical condition/potential future aspects/treatments. At all times my concerns were heard and seriously considered and was never rushed. This is truly such an exceptional group of medical professionals - am so fortunate to have them overseeing my health and wellbeing.

    Sharon Ashley

    Home visits are possible. Our online booking system handles all in-clinic appointments so you should email our reception team, with your requirements. Alternatively, for an urgent home appointment, you can call the clinic to discuss your options.

    Absolutely, when making an appointment either select the doctor you usually see online or if calling or email, state who you would like to continue seeing. There is evidence that quality of care can be improved with seeing the same doctor as they have a greater understanding of your past, current and future health needs.

    Yes. You can see a private doctor at any time. If you would like us to keep your NHS GP up to date with treatment we can do this at your request. If, however, you would like the information kept confidential please let us know.

    Yes, seeing a private doctor doesn’t necessarily mean we have to refer you for private treatment. If you would prefer an NHS referral, we can do this for you. Please state your preference during your doctor’s appointment.

    Yes, you can continue your care with your NHS doctor and still see one of our private doctors. Please let our doctor know about your medical condition and explain you are already under the care of another doctor. If the problem is related, they may require your permission to communicate with your NHS doctor. They will keep you informed if this is something they need.

    You have full control over which doctor you see, the only limitations would be when they are next available. Our doctor’s work shift patterns throughout the week and so if a matter is urgent it may be better to see another doctor sooner. However, if you can wait, you are more than welcome to wait and continue seeing your doctor of choice when they are next in the clinic.