Corporate GP Services

Corporate GP Services

Many employees commute to their place of work, and the distance can vary quite dramatically, meaning many do not have easy access to a doctor near to work. Access to GP in a Central London location, in the heart of the city can be a huge relief to your employees. Removing the worry about having to take time off work to see their usual doctor.

Not only can our team of expert clinicians provide your staff with in clinic appointments but we can offer virtual appointments as well for those working from home. Virtual appointments can be done by video or phone – Making it even easier to speak with a doctor.

Corporate GP appointments provide your employees with rapid, convenient access to a doctor wherever they work.

We offer pre-purchased bundles of 15-minute doctor appointments, which your employees can use as and when they need them. We will allocate your team with a corporate business manager who’ll manage your account on your behalf, making the process quick and simple to book an appointment when needed.

Our company-funded packages can be expanded to include spouses, partners and children, so you can look after both your employees and also their families at the same time.

Private GP appointments for your employees

How long are GP-appointments?

GP appointments tend to be 15 minutes, although if there are more than one thing to discuss, longer appointment times may be required.

You can decide if only 15 minute appointments are available to your staff or whether you’d like them to be able to book longer appointments. During the appointment, one of our doctors will access, treat and advise your employee.

Do you do bundle packages for employees?

Yes, whilst some corporate clients prefer to pay-as-you-go for their staff, it is much easier to pre-purchase a bundle of GP appointments for your staff to use as and when required.

We would need pre-approval from the HR department, but once approved, we can book them in directly with the doctor.

Can you do virtual appointments too?

Yes, since the pandemic we are aware the workforces can be spread throughout the UK. Virtual appointments whether by video or phone are available.

If further investigation is required an in-person appointment may be requested. We can also refer to another doctor, even NHS for those further tests if more convenient.

How do I buy a bundle of corporate GP appointments?

It is really easy to set up corporate GP services for your team.

All we need to know is how many appointments you wish to pre-purchase as a bundle. We will provide you with a quote and you can start offering this service to your employees. We can monitor employee uptake and let you know when you run out of appointments.

What types of problems can my employees talk to a doctor about?

Your employees will be able to talk to our doctors about anything they would usually go to the doctors for.

This would include skin problems, mental health concerns, a lump or bump that needs investigating or even a contraception review. All conversations are confidential and private between the doctor and their patient.

Can corporate GP services be in combination with another service?


Yes, corporate GP bundles can be used as a standalone appointment or in combination with another service.

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    Yes, our doctors can provide prescriptions and, if providing care in-clinic, we have an onsite pharmacy that carries most medicines. As a company, you will need to decide if prescriptions are to be self-funded by your employee or corporate-funded.

    We can provide your employee with a referral for any further investigation that is required. We can refer back into the NHS if your employee would prefer. Alternatively, we have a network of private specialists we can also refer onto. We would need to outline who is covering the additional cost of a referral.

    We are conscientious that some of our patients or their close family members are deemed clinically vulnerable. Therefore, all our staff are fully vaccinated against Covid-19 for your protection and peace of mind.