Oil & Gas Medical

Oil & Gas Medical

We provide the medical assessments required by the Oil & Gas industry in the UK to ensure an individual’s fitness to work within the special environment of this industry is met as outlined by Oil & Gas UK (OGUK).

If required, in addition to the OGUK Medical, an assessment can be performed regarding the fitness to undertake in-water training with an emergency breathing equipment, a so called passenger short term air supply system (PSTASS), in accordance with the Oil & Gas UK guideline, and a respective certificate can be issued without a further fee.

The clinic does not currently offer shoulder measurement for off-shore workers, but provides onsite vaccinations for personnel working overseas in countries around the world, as well as other additional services such as drugs and alcohol testing upon request.

We are a SEQOHS accredited private clinic

What does an Oil & Gas Medical include?

An Oil & Gas Medical includes:

  • Completion of a health questionnaire
  • Consultation with occupational health doctor
  • Body mass index (BMI) (measurement of height and weight and calculation of the BMI)
  • Blood pressure and pulse measurement
  • Vision test
  • Hearing test (audiometry)
  • Urinalysis
  • Appropriate clinical examination
  • Further investigations (eg blood tests, electrocardiograph (ECG), spirometry*) may be required to clarify findings but are not a routine requirement
  • Certificate

How long does the medical take?

The appointment usually lasts around 60 minutes.

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to the appointment to allow for adequate time for registration.

What do I need to bring with me?

You will need to being with you:

  • Photo ID
  • Job description (if available)
  • Medical correspondence about relevant medical conditions

How do I book an appointment?

As not all Oil & Gas Medicals are the same, it is therefore easier to see your requirements and we can quote the medical accordingly.

Using the form below, please submit your enquiry along with any written documentation you have and we will provide you with full costs and next available dates.

My employee will also need travel advice, can you help?

Yes, we are a specialist travel clinic.

You can book a separate travel consultation to discuss any necessary travel vaccinations, travel medication and/ or travel health risks such as jet lag.

You can either book this on the same day as the medical or at a later date.

Can you support with Covid-19 testing for our employees?

Yes, working overseas personnel will require a negative Covid-19 test to travel.

We can support your employees before they fly. In-clinic appointments can be booked for each individual or if you have a number of staff requiring testing, we can book a nurse to come to your location of choice.

Protect your employees. Enquire today.


    An OGUK Medical certificate is usually valid for two years. You can renew your certificate with us by making an appointment in advance.

    Yes, as long as the doctor deems you fit, they will provide you with a certificate at the end of your appointment.

    No, Fleet Street Clinic currently does not offer shoulder measurement for off-shore workers.