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Inbody Scanner - Body Composition Analysis

Our InBody scanner provides you with a detailed analysis of your body’s composition. Our nurse will measure your height, document your age and the scanner does the rest. The Inbody scanner provides outputs such as body fat percentage, total body water, lean body mass and visceral fat areas.

The Inbody scanner can be used for weight loss, monitoring health changes, understanding muscle to fat ratios in the body. It is a simple way to track health improvements throughout patient interventions.

You’ll receive your results as a one-page analysis, which we will talk through with you. From this, you can set your achievable long-term health goals, using the InBody scanner as a regular appointment to monitor your progress. 

You can use the scanner as a standalone appointment, or in combination with a dietitian appointment, or as part of a health check. 

Our doctor’s may also suggest an Inbody scan as it can assist Identifying the patient’s muscle and fat distribution allowing a better assessment of associated health risks.

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Why is it important to have a body composition analysis?

Having a body composition analysis can tell us your weight, body fat, muscle mass, BMI and basal metabolic rate. There is an array of evidence to suggest that maintaining a healthy body composition increases longevity and reduces the risk of weight-related health issues such as heart disease, cancer and diabetes. 

Weight and BMI, although relatively useful, can’t differentiate between fat, muscle and water and therefore can provide inaccurate representations. For example, a body builder would likely have a BMI that would categorise them as obese or even clinically obese, however because the weight is from muscle and not fat, they still have a healthy body composition. 

A body composition analysis isn’t just for losing weight. If you are training for something or are wanting to achieve a specific muscle mass, the scanner can give you this information and help you accurately track your progress.

Who is eligible to use the InBody scanner?

The Inbody scanner is suitable for most; we’d recommend the age range of 3 years of age – 99 years of age. You will be required to step on to the scanning equipment and so there is a weight limitation from 10kg to a maximum of 250kg.

 The InBody scan is not recommended for women in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. Also, anyone who has implantable electrical devices such as; pacemaker, nerve stimulator, or defibrillator is also not eligible. 

How should I prepare for my appointments?

You should aim to keep the conditions surrounding each appointment consistent, so they can be accurately compared.

This includes: 

  • Exercise: Testing should be done before exercising (do not exercise 6-12 hours before testing). Seating and heat cause change in conductivity within the body.
  • Height: This needs to recorded accurately from the start
  • During measurement, arms should not touch the body.
  • Eating: It is best to have an empty stomach and bladder (do not eat for 3-4 hours before testing). You should be well hydrated. 
  • Caffeine: Do not drink caffeine on the day of your test.
  • Subsequent testing: It is preferable that subsequent visits should be carried out under similar conditions (i.e. similar time of day, wearing similar clothing etc).

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How long will the scan take?

You will only need to be on the scanner for less than a minute. The whole appointment should be no longer than 15 minutes.

This will include the nurse recording your details. You will get a printed copy of your results which you can review again at a later date. If it is your first Inbody scan, you may want the  nurse to explain what each area means. 

What should I wear?

You can wear whatever you want. All we will ask is for you to take your shoes, socks and gloves off.

If you plan to track your progress, we’d advise you to wear a similar outfit to each scan so that the information gathered is more accurate but clothing shouldn’t make too much difference to the output information.

Can this be delivered as a corporate service?

Yes, our Inbody machine is portable and offers a great snapshot of someone’s health with very little effort. We can bring the machine to your workplace or chosen location and scan multiple people in a designated time slot.

We will wipe down the machine with antibacterial wipes in between individuals and ask all individuals to sanitise their hands before and after using the machine. It is a very safe, effective and beneficial way to highlight health and wellbeing into a corporate environment.

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Service Price
Inbody Scan £20

Fleet Street Clinic is not a VAT registered company


Basal metabolic rate is the number of calories your body needs to accomplish its basic functions. Knowing this helps you more accurately work out the number of calories you need in order to be in a caloric deficit and therefore lose weight.

InBody devices use direct segmental measurement bioelectrical impedance analysis (DSM-BIA) to precisely measure body composition by sending multiple electrical currents through the body, resulting in up to six different impedance readings for the trunk and each of the four limbs.

The Inbody scanner will analyse you which only takes a few moments and your results will be printed out.

The InBody scanner has been found to be 98% accurate. 

The electrical current that is sent through the body is extremely low and considered perfectly safe. However, it is not recommended for anybody with an electrical medical implant. 

It is recommended that you have an empty bladder and bowels before you use the scanner as it may slightly alter the results, however, this isn’t essential so don’t worry too much about it.