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Meningitis ACWY Vaccine Price
Single Meningitis ACWY Vaccination £77
Course of Treatment: 1 dose £77
Total cost including nurse fee £102

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Meningitis ACWY Vaccination

Meningitis ACWY is a vaccine that protects against 4 types of meningococcal bacteria that can cause meningitis and septicemia – both of which can be fatal. While all adults can benefit from the vaccine, it is particularly important for those about to attend university for the first time and for international travel.

Meningococcal meningitis is a highly serious form of bacterial meningitis that can lead to septicaemia (blood poisoning). It is spread by droplets that come from a person who is infected with the bacteria.

While meningococcal meningitis is rare, it is very serious and can lead to life-changing disabilities, such as amputations, hearing loss and brain damage. It is potentially life-threatening and therefore vaccination is strongly advised.

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Who should have the Meningitis ACWY vaccine?

MenACWY is encouraged in adolescents aged 15-19 years old and University students prior to starting University as outbreaks can be more common.

It is also recommended for those that are travelling to areas of the world where Meningitis ACWY strains are more prevalent. Many Sub-Saharan African countries are considered high-risk, with transmission being year-round, peaking in the dry season.

Muslims undergoing the Hajj or Umrah pilgrimage will require proof of vaccination. A valid vaccination certificate is a Visa requirement for visiting Saudi Arabia for this purpose.
It is also recommended for all those with a severely compromised immune system (such as those with no spleen).

How many doses of the Meningitis ACWY vaccine are required?

The Meningitis ACWY vaccine is a single dose vaccine for children and adults.

Young babies will require 2 doses. After vaccination protection is lifelong with no booster jabs required.

How does the Meningitis ACWY vaccine work?

The Meningitis ACWY vaccine protects against four strains of the meningococcal bacteria (A, C, W and Y), which cause meningitis and septicemia.

After the vaccine is given, your body produces antibodies to fight the meningococcal bacteria. These antibodies then help protect you from infection if you come into contact with the disease.

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How is Meningitis spread?

Meningitis is spread by droplets that come from a person who is infected with the bacteria in the throat and nose.

These infectious droplets can be transmitted from person to person via close or prolonged contact, such as kissing, coughing, sneezing or living in close proximity to an infected individual.

What are the symptoms of Meningitis?

The symptoms of meningitis, septicaemia and meningococcal disease include:

  • High temperature
  • Cold hands and feet
  • Nausea or vomiting/ diarrhoea
  • Muscle and joint pain
  • Dark purple rash – that does not fade under pressure

Why is the MenACWY vaccine so important for University students?

Young adults particularly in their first year of University are considered the second highest ‘at risk’ group for contracting this disease.

The interaction with large numbers of new people from all over the world increases the risk of the disease dramatically, with approximately 1 in every 4 young adults will be unknowingly carrying meningococcal bacteria. Meningitis can make someone very ill, very quickly, with a particularly aggressive strain of Men W usually responsible for outbreaks. It is better to be protected and remove the worry of meningitis from your Uni experience.

Book your Meningitis ACWY vaccination online

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Meningitis ACWY Vaccine Price
Single Meningitis ACWY Vaccination £77
Course of Treatment: 1 dose £77
Total cost including nurse fee £102

Fleet Street Clinic is not a VAT registered company


Yes, both MenACWY vaccines have been certified as Halal.

The MenACWY vaccine is highly effective against 4 different strains of meningococcal – A, C, W and Y. It is not a live vaccine so there is no risk of the vaccine causing disease and antibodies are produced to protect. It is important to remember, no vaccine offers complete protection.

Like most vaccinations the most common side effect would be discomfort at the injection site, this could include redness, slight swelling and sometimes itchiness. You may also feel generally unwell for a few days with headache, raised temperature, fatigue and sometimes nausea. These symptoms will usually go after 24-48 hours. You may get a raised lump for a few weeks at the injection site, this is also normal and nothing to be alarmed about. If you experience any other symptoms you should speak with your GP.

If you are already unwell with symptoms such as a raised temperature, we’d suggest you fully recover before having the MenACWY vaccine. Those who are pregnant or breastfeeding should delay vaccination until after the birth of your child. If you have any health concerns or allergies, you should speak to your doctor before getting vaccinated to discuss your options.

All young adults can obtain a free NHS vaccine up until the age 25 years. You can speak with your NHS doctor about the earliest date you could be vaccinated, however, we wouldn’t suggest delaying vaccination if waiting lists are after the start of University term times. We cannot stress the importance of vaccination for all University students. The same applies to those seeking vaccination for International travel and VISA purposes, private vaccination offers more flexibility than the NHS, who are already experiencing long delay due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Meningitis ACWY is the name of the vaccine which helps protect against meningitis and septicaemia caused by 4 types of meningococcal bacteria: A,C, W and Y.

No, meningococcal C (MenC) is a strain of meningitis, whereas MenACWY refers to a vaccine. The Meningitis ACWY vaccine protects against 4 strains of meningitis, including MenC.

We are conscientious that some of our patients or their close family members are deemed clinically vulnerable. Therefore, all our staff are fully vaccinated against Covid-19 for your protection and peace of mind.