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Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about our GP Services:

Do I need to fast before having a medical?

No, there is no longer any need to fast before having a medical.  However, in situations where a repeat cholesterol test is necessary, if an initial result has been borderline, fasting may be advised.

Can I have a smear test at any time during my monthly cycle?

A smear test should be performed roughly in the middle of your monthly cycle; at least a week after your last period and at least a week before your next period is due.

Do you provide x-rays / imaging / ultrasound / MRI scans / CT scans?

Aside from dental x-rays (which our Dental Clinic can provide), we don’t have imaging equipment on site, but can easily arrange referral to a convenient location as needed.

Can you refer me to an NHS Consultant?

We are not able to refer to NHS Consultants.  Our GP service includes fast access to our extensive, trusted network of private consultants as an alternative to NHS care.

Can you arrange payment via my insurance company?

Unfortunately most UK-based private health insurance schemes do not cover primary care (such as private GP consultations), though they do require specialist referrals to be made by a GP. Some policies cover the cost of laboratory tests.

We are not able to liaise with insurance companies directly, and you will therefore need to pay for your treatment as a private patient. We will provide you with an itemised invoice to assist you in reclaiming any payments your insurance company may be able to cover.

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