Work Health Assessments

With our team of occupational health doctors, occupational health nurses and consultant occupational health physicians, the Fleet Street Clinic in London is able to provide a full range of work health assessments to address the occupational health needs of your staff.

The purpose of a Work Health Assessment is to assess an employee’s fitness for work and it is useful in various situations.  Below is an overview of our Pre-placement Assessments and Fitness Assessment referrals.

Pre-placement Assessments

Pre-placement Assessments assess an employee’s fitness to work in the job or role to which they have been assigned. They are useful both for new employees and for those employees moving to a new role within the organisation.

Fleet Street Clinic Occupational Health offers two types of Pre-placement Assessment:

Pre-placement Assessment by Questionnaire:

You can choose for your employees to have a Pre-placement Assessment by questionnaire. (This replaces the Pre-employment Assessment and is also sometimes referred to as a Recruitment Questionnaire).

The employee completes a Work Health Assessment questionnaire, which is reviewed by one of our occupational health nurses or occupational health doctors. The OH nurse/OH doctor assesses whether the employee is fit to work in their role and whether any adjustments to the role are advised, and issues a Fitness to Work certificate. If they are unable to certify the employee’s fitness to work based on the questionnaire, they will recommended the employee attends a face-to-face Pre-placement Assessment:

Face-to-face Pre-placement Assessment

The face-to-face Pre-placement Assessment (which replaces the Pre-employment Medical and is sometimes called a Pre-placement Medical) can be arranged either following a Pre-placement Assessment by questionnaire (if recommended by the OH nurse/OH doctor) or from the outset.

In addition to completing a Work Health Assessment questionnaire, the employee attends our occupational health clinic in London for a 30-minute medical with one of our occupational health doctors. The OH doctor will issue a Fitness to Work certificate advising whether the employee is fit or unfit to work in the role and, if appropriate, recommend any adjustments the company would be advised to put in place to accommodate the needs of the employee.

Many companies find the Pre-placement Assessment by questionnaire sufficient for initial employee health screening while others find value in having their employees undergo a face-to-face Pre-Placement Assessment from the outset. We would be happy to discuss your requirements with you.

Arranging health screening for new employees – whether new to the business or starting a new role – can be invaluable in preventing future problems in relation to health and safety in the workplace.

Fitness Assessment Referrals

As a specialist Occupational Health provider in London, Fleet Street Clinic Occupational Health has accumulated vast experience in the assessment and management of work-related health problems. Whether ill health is affecting an employee’s ability to work, a health condition necessitates adjustments to the role, or an employee is returning to work after a period off work owing to a health problem, referring your employee to us for a Fitness Assessment can help with a range of situations:

If an employee reports that a specific health problem is affecting their ability to do their job, a Fitness Assessment can help with the assessment and management of the health problem in relation to work. Just some examples of work-related health problems we can help with are:

  • upper and lower limb disorders
  • back pain
  • stress, depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress syndrome
  • work-related stress
  • headache
  • skin problems (e.g. contact dermatitis)
  • visual problems
  • hearing problems
  • repetitive strain injury (RSI)
  • occupational asthma
  • mental health issues
  • alcohol dependence

For employees with a long-term disability, a Fitness Assessment can assess an employee’s ability to work and recommend any adjustments advised to meet the employee’s needs.

If you have doubts whether an employee is physically or mentally fit to undertake their role, a Fitness Assessment will assess the employee’s fitness for work.

If an employee is taking a lot of time off sick, a Fitness Assessment can assess their health in relation to work to assist with sickness and absence management.

When an employee has been signed off sick by their GP, a Fitness Assessment can help with addressing any issues hindering their return to work. Whether the employee has received one fit note from their GP or is on long-term sick leave, a review of their health and wellbeing by an occupational health doctor who is skilled in assessing health in relation to work can help with confirming whether the employee is fit to work and providing recommendations that would aid a successful return to work.

After a period of absence owing to ill health or long-term sickness absence a Fitness Assessment can help manage an employee’s return to work to reduce the risk of relapse and/or promote their health and well being when returning to work. As part of the return to work assessment, the occupational health doctor will assess the employee’s health in relation to their role and recommend any adjustments that will aid a successful return to work. If you have concerns about an employee’s health and safety in resuming their role / usual duties and wish to check that the employee is fit to return to work then a return to work assessment can address these concerns.

If you are arranging a work health assessment for a staff member you can rest assured that Fleet Street Clinic has a robust process in place for undertaking occupational health management referrals. We take care to ensure the Fitness Assessment complies with legal requirements, that you get relevant and thorough advice (while respecting employee confidentiality) and that the employee is seen by the occupational health doctor or occupational health physician most appropriate to undertake the occupational health referral. The advice is provided in the format of an OH medical report, which addresses the specific questions you may have in relation to the employee’s health and safety at work.

Fleet Street Clinic also provides ongoing occupational health case management. After the initial Fitness Assessment, the OH doctor/OH physician may recommend an occupational health review at an appropriate future date or you are welcome to arrange occupational health reviews for the same employee, with their consent, as and when required.

We aim to make the process of referring an employee for an occupational health assessment as simple as we can and are always willing to customise our service as much as possible to meet your business’s needs.

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