Well Woman Services & Price List

Well Woman Medicals

Mini check-up with a nurse (15 mins )BMI, Cholesterol and Blood Pressure £25
Healthy Heart Mini Health Screen (20 mins)ECG, cardiac risk assessment, BP, cholesterol/lipid test£125
Well Woman Medical (45 mins)Full history & examination, BP, BMI breast check, pelvic examination,
cervical smear, urine & blood tests, plus report 
Well Woman Medical plus TSH As above plus Thyroid Function test£339
Well Woman Medical plus Vitamin DAs above plus Vitamin D test£399
Comprehensive Female Medical (1hr 15 mins)Includes full history & examination, BMI, BP, extensive blood tests,
cervical smear, audiometry (hearing), spirometry (lung function), vision test, ECG, coronary risk assessment, bowel cancer screening, plus full report 
Comprehensive Female Medical + (1hr 15 mins)plus TSH (thyroid function) and Vitamin D blood tests £595
Gynaecological health Screen (30 mins)Cervical smear, breast check, pelvic examination£150
Ovarian Cancer Screen (30 mins)Gynaecological history, family history, discussion of ovarian cancer concerns,
breast check and pelvic examination
Ovarian Cancer Screen + Pelvic Ultrasound including cost of pelvic ultrasound (which we will arrange for you) £385
Breast Check + ReferralAs above plus referral to Breast Clinic/Mammography
(Does not include cost of mammography which can be arranged for you at an additional fee) 

Female Sexual Health Screening

Blood STI Screen Standard screen (full list of STI screening services is separately available) £138
HIV Testing Including GP appointment fee£132

Health and Wellbeing

Coping With Stress -  GP appointment including referral to Psychologist if required 
(15-30 mins)
Weight Management – with our Dietitian (30 mins)From £68


Sexual Health

Comprehensivefrom £375
Healthy Heart Screen£125
Gynaecological Health Screen£150
Prostate Cancer Check £135


Especially for Teens

Adolescent Gynaecology/Advice (15-30 mins)£77-£135
HPV Vaccination (Gardasil 9)
(one-off consultation fee of £77) 
Vaccine: £185 per dose (Currently out of Stock)


Especially for 45+

Menopause Management - History, examination, advice on HRT; blood tests separately charged if required£175
Hearing Test 20 mins Ear examination & Audiometry£95
Pneumonia vaccine (Prevenar 13) Includes nurse appointment fee (15 mins)£120


Family Planning

Pre-conception Planning and Advice (30 mins)History, BMI, BP, breast & pelvic examination, cervical smear & advice; blood tests if required will be charged separately at additional cost£175
Nexplanon insertion (30 mins)plus removal£245*
Nexplanon (45 mins)removal only £155*
Coil Fitting (30 mins)£210.05
Coil Removal (15 mins)£104
Pregnancy Check-Ups & Advice
(15-30 mins)
Appointment with a GP£77-£135 
Post-Natal Examination - mother only (45 mins)History, BP, breast & pelvic examination, cervical smear, haematology profile, contraceptive advice£260


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