Female Travel Health Kit Online Consultation

Check whether we can prescribe a female health kit for your trip.

The purpose of this gynae kit is to help diagnose and treat gynaecological and urinary tract infections (UTIs) at an early stage, in situations where access to good medical care and reliable medications is limited, such as when traveling abroad.

Our doctors will review your consultation details and dispense your medications.

However, when good care is available, we always recommend seeking advice and treatment from a medical professional.

Explore the world confidently with our female health kit at your side.

Thrush treatment

Thrush is a common yeast infection, more likely to occur during travel, especially in hot countries.

UTI treatment

Urine infections are often caused by bacteria and are more common when travelling.

Cystitis treatment

Cystitis is the most common lower urinary tract infection (UTI), this kit contains specific treatment for Cystitis.