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Private Meningitis B Vaccine – Bexsero

Fleet Street Clinic in central London offers a private vaccination service for Meningitis B (Bexsero).

The vaccine is available on the NHS to children born after May 1, 2015. If your child was born before this date, they will not be offered the vaccine as part of the routine NHS immunisation schedule.

The Meningitis B vaccine is administered in our family-friendly clinic by our experienced team of doctors and nurse. We are sympathetic to parents’ needs and concerns and welcome any vaccine-related queries.

As the UK’s leading independent specialist vaccine practice, we maintain a vaccine supply despite periodic shortages.

What is Meningitis B?

Meningitis B is a bacterial infection that most often affects children under 1. Whilst the infection is treatable, it can be fatal in about 1 in 10 cases.

The “B” strain of meningococcal meningitis currently accounts for the majority of cases of meningitis in the UK, and the majority of deaths.  (In the past, meningitis C was more common, but meningitis C vaccination campaigns have been highly successful in reducing the numbers of cases.)

Meningitis B is a bacterial infection caused by Neiseria meningitidis. Meningitis B is a disease that causes inflammation to the covering of the brain and spinal cord, making it infected and swollen. It can also lead to blood poisoning (septicaemia).  Meningitis B can progress quickly and can kill within 24 hours.  Meningitis B kills more children under the age of 5 years old than any other infectious disease. Even with treatment, 20 percent of survivors can be left with long-term disabilities or brain damage.

Symptoms of Meningitis B include:-

Fever, Vomiting, Headache, Stiff neck, Sensitivity to light, Confusion, Pinprick rash.

It is spread from person to person via droplets, such as sneezes and coughs.

Who is at risk?

People of any age group can be infected with Meningitis B, but the two groups that have a higher risk are infants and teenagers.

What Does the Meningitis B Vaccine Do?

Meningitis B vaccine protects against the majority of Meningitis B disease strains in the UK.

Meningitis B vaccine represents a major technological breakthrough: for many years, it seemed that a vaccine against B strains of meningitis would be too difficult to produce.

Possible Side Effects of the Meningitis B Vaccine

In infants and children, the most common reaction has been a fever and some swelling around the injection site. Infant paracetamol is sometimes recommended for small children. Our staff will give you advice about any likely side effects during your appointment.

What Happens During an Appointment for Meningitis B Vaccination?

The immunisation appointment takes around 15 minutes. One of our friendly and experienced medics will put your mind at ease and can answer any questions you may have – whether about Meningitis B, or other childhood vaccines. Our doctors and nurses have plenty of experience working with children and will make the process as quick and painless as possible.

How is Meningitis B Vaccine Given?

The Meningitis B vaccine is given in the form of an injection.
Children aged 2 to 10 years require 2 vaccine doses with at least a 2-month interval between the doses.
Adults and Adolescents (from 11 years) require 2 vaccine doses with at least a 1-month interval between the doses.

Since the vaccine is still relatively new, it is not yet known if these age groups will need booster doses in future, in order to maintain protection. (Booster doses are needed for children who are aged below 2 when they start their course.)

The Bexsero vaccination schedule in more detail:

meningitis b schedule

Meningitis B Cost

For all vaccine prices please consult our Vaccination page.

Book Your Meningitis B Vaccine

Evening and same day appointments are available at Fleet Street Clinic. Same day appointments are available Monday to Friday.We are currently offering a discounted package price for 2-dose vaccine courses when paid in advance. More details of the cost of our Meningitis B vaccine can be found here.

For further details, call Fleet Street Clinic on  0207 353 5678  email or book online now. 



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