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Childhood Immunizations – Vaccination for Babies & Children

Childhood Vaccinations at Fleet Street Clinic

Fleet Street Clinic is a specialist vaccine practice, with over 20 years’ experience in looking after children. All our vaccines are administered, by doctors and nurses, in a safe and child-friendly environment.

We are regulated by the Care Quality Commission and accredited to the highest quality assurance standards by the Royal College of Physicians (SEQOHS).

Although the UK childhood immunisation schedule covers the minimum range of vaccine protection,  several important vaccines are not normally provided on the NHS, or not easily available. These include:


BCG vaccine (against TB) is currently in very short supply. We run special BCG clinics for babies and children who require vaccination. Babies and children aged under 6 years do not need a prior skin test – just book in at our BCG clinic. A single dose is all that’s needed.

Mantoux Test

Children aged over 6 years and adults require a prior skin test called the Mantoux test; this is a tiny injection into the forearm that shows whether or not a person is suitable for vaccination with BCG. This is currently also in very short supply. We are currently running special Mantoux Test clinics.

Meningitis B

Meningitis B vaccine is now routinely offered to babies, but older infants and children are not eligible for vaccination free of charge. The number of doses required for protection (two or three) and the interval between doses depend on the age of your child at the first vaccine visit.

Meningitis ACYW

There is a growing awareness of the importance of other meningitis strains, and this vaccine is currently being offered to teenagers on the NHS. If your child is outside the age range for which this vaccine is provided, we can help. A single dose is all that’s needed.

Chickenpox (Varicella)

This vaccine is currently in short supply in the UK. Chickenpox vaccine is not routinely offered to children in the UK. We think there is a strong case for putting it onto the standard childhood immunisation programme. In the meantime, we offer the chickenpox vaccine privately. The first dose of vaccine can be given at 12 months of age. Two vaccine doses are needed, one month apart.

Hepatitis B

This vaccine is not routinely offered to children in the UK. Early vaccination against hepatitis B often produces long-lasting protection: we think it ought to be offered routinely. Three doses are needed.

Human Papilloma Virus (HPV)

A new vaccine covering a total of nine HPV strains (called Gardasil 9) is now available at the Fleet Street Clinic. Depending on age, two or three doses are advisable for protection.


We strongly believe in vaccinating babies and children against flu. If your child is not in one of the NHS target age groups, we’ll be happy to help, and always keep ample stocks of flu vaccines suitable for children.

Travel vaccines

We carry children’s versions of all specialist travel vaccines and medicines, always in stock.

The standard NHS childhood immunisation schedule is important, and every child should have an NHS GP who should be the first point of contact for routine childhood immunization. We don’t aim to replace your NHS GP, but we are able and happy to extend the range of options available.

To Book Your Child’s Vaccine at Fleet Street Clinic

To book your child’s vaccination please call us on+44 207 353 5678 or email us at

Don’t forget to bring along your child’s “red book” so that every vaccine dose can be recorded.

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