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Altitude Calculator

Find the altitude of every location on your travel itinerary and create a Profile to show the results in a simple graphic format.

DVT Calculator

Calculate an estimate of your own risk of flight-related Deep Vein Thrombosis.

Jet Lag Calculator

The Jet Lag Calculator can tell you how long it will take you to adjust to your new time zone when you travel – and to adjust back again when you come home.

Jet Lag Tips

Melatonin and timed exposure to bright light are the only proven methods for re-adjusting your “body clock” to help you adjust to a new time zone more quickly – try our Jet Lag Calculator to see how this would work.

Otherwise, the following tips may help you combat the effects of jet lag:

  • Adjust your itinerary to minimise sleep loss and fatigue.
  • Avoid night-time flights when possible, especially if you won’t be able to lie down and sleep for six hours or longer; and if you can’t, build a rest period on arrival into your schedule.
  • Travel in the highest class that you can afford.
  • Avoid eating inappropriately timed large meals during your journey.
  • Give your body as many “clues” to your new time zone as you can – adjust your wristwatch, observe local meal times and bed times, and so on.
  • Accept that your performance may be reduced through jet lag, and avoid important business activities for at least the first 24 hours following arrival.
  • If you need to arrange meetings or any other activities on arrival that require you to be mentally alert, pick a time that corresponds to daylight hours in your home time-zone.
  • Talk to your doctor or consult a specialist travel clinic about using sleeping medication to reduce sleeplessness during the adjustment period at your destination.
  • Discuss use of medication to adjust wakefulness (e.g. modafinil – Provigil or Nuvigil)
  • For very short trips, consider staying on home time.

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