Cape Verde

Cape Verde

With many direct flights available from the UK, Cape Verde is increasing in popularity with tourists. And no wonder – with powder white sand, bright blue water and lush green valleys, the landscapes of Cape Verde are stunning. 

With many high-end luxury resorts on the island, it’s the perfect destination for a relaxing break in beautiful surroundings. However, don’t forget your pre-travel assessment before you go to stay healthy throughout your trip.  

Vaccinations for Cape Verde

Vaccinations that are highly recommended for all travellers to Cape Verde include:-

Hepatitis B vaccination could be considered for those at risk.

Malaria and Zika risk in Cape Verde

Care should be taken against mosquito bites in Cape Verde. The whole country has recently reported Zika virus, and has also seen sporadic cases malaria this year. Whilst the advice for most travellers is to be cautious and avoid getting insect bites, anti-malarial medication may be advised for higher risk travellers of all of which are spread through the infected bite of a mosquito. Travellers can minimize bites by wearing long loose clothing, using insect repellent with DEET, treating clothes with permethrin and using plug-in vaporisers inside to deter mosquitoes.

Strict precautions should be taken to prevent food and water-borne illnesses. In addition to vaccinations, travellers should pay close attention to what they eat and drink.


Fleet Street Travel Clinic has looked after travellers for over 20 years and the official medical advisors to ATTA (African Travel & Tourism Association).

Benefit from our expertise and passion for travel – a visit to Fleet Street Clinic will be an invaluable step towards a healthy and happy trip.

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