On-site services

Many of our services can easily be brought into the workplace – there is a vast range of possible options, from regular clinics to organising wellness/health promotion days, to supporting one-off projects. We are flexible in our approach and happy to work with you in providing a customised package to meet your specific needs.

On-site visits are a time-efficient and convenient way to look after your staff’s health. Here are some of the most popular services we run on site:

  • Visiting GP clinic
  • Visiting nurse clinic
  • Instant cholesterol blood checks
  • Body composition analysis / weight management
  • Health promotion and health seminars
  • Flu vaccinations
  • Visiting physiotherapist / workplace ergonomics
  • Visiting Osteopathy

Visiting GP / nurse / physiotherapist services can be arranged to include the following:

GP Consultations:

  • assessment and treatment of musculoskeletal conditions
  • cardiovascular risk prevention and management
  • weight management
  • stress management
  • contraception counselling and prescribing
  • STD screening (including chlamydia and HIV testing)
  • private referrals
  • private sick notes
  • medical reports


  • Well Person Medicals
  • Executive Medicals
  • Travel Medicine for individuals and groups
    • travel health advice
    • immunisations
    • anti-malarials

Occupational Health:

  • Workplace assessments
  • Employment medicals
  • Assessment and treatment of work-related illnesses (e.g. upper limb disorders, back pain, stress)
  • Absenteeism management
  • Fitness-to-work and disability evaluations


  • Ergonomic work station assessment & report
  • Complex ergonomic work station assessment & report
  • Ergonomic consultancy

Wellness Health Check:

 This is an “on-site” health screening service for your staff and can be offered as a “wellness” day or as part of an on-going wellness programme.

Our nurse(s) would undertake individual Blood Pressure, BMI and Cholesterol testing for staff “on-site” and provide each with a wallet-sized card recording their personal results or “numbers”. As part of this service, he/she would advise any member of staff whose “numbers” were too high to follow up with their own GP.

We can also arrange for our body composition machine to be brought on-site for health and wellness assessments of your staff.

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