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Altitude Calculator

Find the altitude of every location on your travel itinerary and create a Profile to show the results in a simple graphic format.

DVT Calculator

Calculate an estimate of your own risk of flight-related Deep Vein Thrombosis.

Jet Lag Calculator

The Jet Lag Calculator can tell you how long it will take you to adjust to your new time zone when you travel – and to adjust back again when you come home.

Pre-deployment and Post-deployment Medicals

Pre-deployment and Post-deployment Medicals benefit your employees’ occupational health

Arranging Pre-deployment and Post-deployment Medicals for your employees can help support their health and wellbeing throughout the course of their assignment as well as on their return.

Pre-deployment Medicals

Working abroad places stresses on employees, who often may also have limited access to medical care. It is therefore good practice to assess and support your employees’ fitness to undertake assignments. With our background in travel medicine and occupational medicine, Fleet Street Clinic Occupational Health is able to offer comprehensive Pre-deployment Medicals for your employees assigned abroad.

Employees are given a Work Health Assessment questionnaire to complete and also attend a medical with one of our occupational health doctors. The content of the Pre-deployment Medical will vary according to the nature and location of the assignment. During the Pre-deployment Medical the occupational health doctor will assess the fitness of your employee (on the basis of physical examination as well as any relevant blood tests) to undertake the intended role abroad, and will also provide the employee with advice to promote their health and wellbeing while on assignment. We are also able to see and care for other family members, including children.

We can also provide

  • All necessary travel vaccinations,
  • Health screening or serology tests for visa requirements
  • Medical kits, medicines, and all medical supplies – both for the individual and their family.

We will discuss your requirements with you and are happy to customise the Pre-deployment Medical to your employees’ needs.

Post-deployment Medicals

Often overlooked, a Post-deployment Medical can be vital in promoting your employees’ physical and psychological health and wellbeing following assignment.

A period of working abroad often brings lifestyle changes, stresses of living and working in an unfamiliar environment, and perhaps limited access to healthcare. A Post-deployment Medical can assess the state of your employee’s health, provides an important opportunity to address any issues or concerns that may have arisen during assignment, and aids a healthy return to work in the UK.

The occupational health doctor will undertake a full review of medical history, a physical examination, as well as any blood tests or other post-travel screening tests that may be appropriate (such as for infectious or tropical diseases).

We will discuss your requirements with you in order to customise the content of our Post-deployment Medicals to your employees’ needs.

For more information:

To book an appointment with one of our friendly doctors, or for further details on what Occupational Health services we can offer, call us today on 020 8175 8890  (Monday – Thursday) or email Please and ask to speak to the corporate department. 

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