Medical and Healthcare Staff: Health Clearance for Healthcare Workers

Do you require Health Clearance, vaccinations or immunity tests – for yourself, or for your doctors, nurses or other medical staff? We can help!

 Occupational Health Clearance

Health Clearance Certificates for Healthcare Workers

A Health Clearance Certificate is issued to agencies and/or individual healthcare workers where applicants satisfy Department of Health criteria. Where the criteria are not met, we detailed provide advice and support, to help guide applicants through this process.  Our clients value this personal approach, through a system that may seem confusing, especially if they are from another country.

Our Health Clearance Service is fully compliant with Department of Health guidance. The Fleet Street Clinic is also SEQOHS-accredited. (SEQOHS accreditation of occupational health providers is increasingly a requirement of many NHS Trusts.)

For Agencies

Our dedicated Occupational Health team is highly experienced in providing a professional, thorough, timely and compliant Occupational Health Clearance service to employment agencies within the medical sector.

For Individual Healthcare Workers 

We are also able to provide healthcare workers with their own Health Clearance Certificates, directly and simply, at affordable cost. Our experienced team will  help you through each step of the process; and if you need additional immunity tests or additional vaccine doses, these can quickly be done at our Clinic in Fleet Street. If you are from abroad, or if English is not your first language, we know how to help you and will do all we can to make things easy and to avoid unnecessary delays, so that you are able to start work as quickly as possible.

Occupational Health Clearance for the National Performers List

We also provide Occupational Health Clearance directly to medical practitioners applying to join the National Performers List.

An Occupational Health Clearance certificate is issued to applicants who satisfy the Department of Health criteria.  We will offer advice throughout the application process to assist you with this outcome.

There are restrictions on which occupational health providers can offer this Occupational Health Clearance for the National Performers List. We are able to provide this service because we are an occupational health provider with SEQOHS accreditation.

Occupational Health Vaccinations

As a specialist vaccination centre, we are able to offer all the tests and immunisations relevant to obtaining Occupational Health Clearance, quickly and conveniently:

TB clearance:

BCG scar verification, Mantoux test (on Wednesdays), Mantoux reading, BCG vaccination (on Fridays), interferon-gamma test (QuantiFERON-TB Gold (QFT®). (Additional days often available – please call us for more information.)

Hepatitis B clearance:

Hepatitis B vaccination, test for hepatitis B immunity from vaccination (hepatitis B surface antibody), test for hepatitis B immunity from past or resolving infection (hepatitis B core antibody), test for hepatitis B infection (hepatitis B surface antigen).

Measles and Rubella clearance:

MMR vaccination, test for measles immunity, test for rubella immunity.

Varicella clearance:

Varicella (chickenpox) vaccination, test for varicella immunity.

EPP clearance:

Tests for hepatitis B surface antigen, hepatitis C and HIV. These tests are performed on an ID-validated sample.

As a healthcare worker you may be eligible for our discounted rates on selected tests and vaccines – please contact us for more information.

Please bring your passport or other photo ID with you!

We can also provide other vaccinations and tests associated with occupational health if your agency or employer has a particular requirement. For example, we have good stocks of the vaccines for diphtheria, polio and tetanus and meningitis.

For healthcare practitioners planning to work in the USA, we have a good stock of the combined whooping cough vaccine (Repevax), which is currently being requested for US Health Clearance.

To access any of these services, please contact us for more information, or call us 020 7353 5678 to discuss how we may assist with your specific needs.

If you require health clearance to join the National Performers List you are required to contact the clinic or occupational health team prior to making an appointment.
Email  stating that you require occupational health clearance for the National Performers List and we will send you the necessary form along with the information needed to submit your application.
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