Sexual Health Awareness  

17.05.2019 Category: Sexual Health Author: Dr Belinda Griffiths

Sexual Health Awareness

We are focusing on Sexual Health Awareness at Fleet Street Clinic this week, to encourage people to talk about their sexual health with health care professionals and help to diagnose and treat STIs.

Did you know:
– More than two-thirds of people have never had an STI test.
– Many people carrying an STI do not display symptoms.

This is why it is worth getting tested, even if you don’t feel that something is wrong.  Having an STI check can sometimes make people nervous, but a sexual health appointment with a professional is quick and helps keep your health on track.

STI Symptoms

Although not everyone presents symptoms, some common complaints in men and women suffering from an STI can be:

  • Pain when passing urine
  • Itching or burning around the genital area
  • Discharge that smells

Having these symptoms doesn’t mean you have an STI, but make sure you go to a GP to get checked out and find out the cause.

Health professionals advise to always use condoms to help reduce the chance of STI transmission from intercourse and oral sex.

Sexual Health Advice at Fleet Street Clinic

At Fleet Street Clinic, we provide access to Sexual Health tests and advice from our trained medical professionals.

You can learn more about our sexual health services here.

If you would like a sexual health appointment, you can book online.