Sterile Needle Kit

Sterile Needle Kit


  • Great for travel to remote areas & developing countries
  • Contains sterile needles, syringes & equipment

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Sterile needles to be used for safe medical treatment abroad in locations where medical services are unreliable and/ or unsterile.

The Sterile Needle Kit has been specifically designed by Fleet Street Clinic pharmacists with the aim to keep you safe whilst having medical treatment abroad.

This medical kit is a vital necessity for travellers with trips to locations where sterile supplies may not be available or the medical supplies are not sterilised to a safe standard. If you were admitted to hospital when travelling, the contents of this kit can be used to administer fluids, medications and blood if needed. This kit is designed to be handed to and used by medical professionals should you require medical treatment such as fluid replacement for dehydration, general vaccines (a tetanus vaccine) and emergency blood transfusions. Ensuring the equipment used is sterile reduces your risk of catching infections such as Hepatitis B and HIV during medical treatment.

This medical kit contains individually sealed items which should only be opened by the local medical professional for single use on a single patient.

The Sterile Medical Kit can be used for:

  • Dehydration treatment
  • Blood transfusions
  • Administering medications
  • Blood tests
  • General & travel vaccinations

A travel Sterile Needle Kit is vital for travelling to remote locations where satisfactory medical assistance may be hours or days away. This kit is highly recommended for travel to developing nations, international relief work, or adventure travel involving high-risk activities. The all-in-one kit is durable and in a lightweight pouch, making this your take-it-everywhere sterile kit.

As travel health specialists, we recommend that all travellers carry their own sterile needle kit when travelling to countries where sterile medical supplies cannot be guaranteed. Following the same principle as travel insurance, hopefully, you’ll never need it, but it’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your health.

Don’t let unsafe, unsterile medical equipment disrupt your next adventure. Take a sterile needle kit with you.


When would you need to use a Sterile Needle Kit?

It is difficult to imagine when you would need to use a Sterile Needle Kit, so here are a few scenarios you may find yourself in when travelling when you would need one…

Scenario 1: You’re bitten by a stray dog in India, you need a tetanus injection & post-exposure rabies vaccine.

Scenario 2: You’re severely dehydrated, so you’re admitted to hospital. You may need to be hooked up to an IV drip and syringes may be used to administer medication.

Scenario 3: You’re admitted to hospital as you were in a car accident. You need an emergency blood transfusion to replace the blood you have lost.

Scenario 4: You’ve fallen ill during your trip and have an undiagnosed illness. The Doctor may want to perform a blood test to determine the cause.


  • Spot plasters
  • Alcohol swaps x 4
  • 2 ml syringe x 2
  • 5 ml syringe x 2
  • 10 ml syringe x 1
  • IV cannula x 1
  • Dental needles x 2

Please note: The medical pouch provided may be different from those illustrated. Non-returnable once the seal is broken.


Advice during travel

The Sterile Needle Kit is intended to assist with safe medical treatment abroad. Travellers should hand this medical kit to the medical professional treating them to ensure sterile equipment is being used.


Additional information

Weight .2 kg

Fleet Street Clinic

Intended for

Backpacking, relief work, adventure travel, business travel, expeditions, trekking

Group Size

1 person


Single use

Contains Antibiotics



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