Essential First Aid Kit

Essential First Aid Kit


The Essential First Aid Kit is the best way to treat minor accidents whilst travelling abroad or backpacking.

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First aid and sterile equipment needed to treat most minor accidents when travelling abroad or backpacking.

The Essential First Aid Kit has been specifically prepared by Fleet Street pharmacists and is an all-in-one kit suitable to help treat all minor accidents that happen during your travels.

Every traveller should consider travelling with a first aid kit. Medical eventualities can occur and those travelling in rural areas can be more than 24 hours away from reliable medical facilities. Carrying an essential first aid kit with you provides considerable peace of mind and enables to you look after yourself before seeking medical attention. Knowing that you can treat your own blisters, that you have your own bandages and can wash wounds removes any worry. So, you can live in the moment and concentrate on just enjoying your holiday.

As travel health specialists, we recommend that all travellers carry their own first aid kits regardless of their destination.

An essential first aid kit is vital for travellers travelling to remote locations where medical assistance may be hours or days away. This kit is highly recommended for travel to developing nations, international relief work, or adventure travel involving high-risk activities, as well as your go-to medical kit to keep your family and you safe whilst travelling. The kit is durable, reusable, and in a lightweight pouch, making this your take-it-everywhere kit.

The Essential First Aid Kit can treat:

  • Minor Cuts & Scraps
  • Cleaning Wounds
  • Minor Burns
  • Splinters
  • Sprains
  • Strains
  • Blisters

Don’t let a minor accident interrupt your holiday. Take an essential first aid kit on your next adventure.


  • Sodium chloride, 0.9% (Steripod) x 1
  • Sterets, pre-injection swabs x 6
  • Savlon, 15g x 1
  • Assorted plasters x 6
  • Micropore tape x 1
  • Steristrips x 1
  • Triangular bandage & safety pins – x 1
  • Crepe bandage, 7cm – 4m x 1
  • Compeed dressing x 1
  • Jelonet dressing x 1
  • Mepore dressing, small x 1
  • Mepore dressing, medium x 1
  • Gauze swabs x 1
  • Scissors x 1
  • Nitrile, non-sterile gloves x 1
  • Disposable: Sterile forceps x 1
  • Disposable: Scalpel blade x1

Please note: The medical pouch provided may be different from those illustrated.


If you would like a bespoke medical kit, email us with your specific requirements.


Advice during travel

The Essential First Aid Kit is intended to assist with the treatment of minor injuries. Travellers should seek urgent medical care for anything beyond this.


Additional information

Weight 0.6 kg

Fleet Street Clinic

Intended for

General use, backpacking, business travel, expeditions, trekking

Group Size

1 person



Contains Antibiotics


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