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Hepatitis A Vaccination


Are you looking for a Hepatitis A vaccination in London? Fleet Street Clinic maintains good stock levels at our Central London clinic.

Hepatitis A is a viral infection spread through food and water contaminated with the virus. It occurs worldwide including in Central and South America, Africa, Eastern Europe, Middle-East, Asia, and the Indian Subcontinent. Recent outbreaks have also occurred in the Czech Republic and Hawaii.

Hepatitis A affects the liver causing jaundice, and whilst most people make a full recovery, it can result in chronic liver disease and be fatal.

Hepatitis A Vaccination 

Hepatitis A is easily preventable through vaccination, and there are several types of vaccines available in the UK to adults and children over the age of 1 yr. It can be given alone (Avaxim, Vaqta) or in combination with typhoid (Viatim), whereby a single injection provides protection for 12 months. A second injection given 6 months later will afford 25 years of protection against Hepatitis A.

It is also possible to receive Hepatitis A in combination with Hepatitis B (TwinRix or Ambirix) whereby 2 or 3 doses of the vaccination can be given between 3 weeks or 6 months.

In addition to the vaccination, travellers should be careful with food and water and:-

  • Ensure all food is cooked thoroughly and served hot
  • Stick to bottled water only with a seal or boiled water– no tap water,
  • Avoid ice (usually made from tap water)
  • Eat fruit that can be peeled or sliced without contamination (such as bananas)
  • Avoid high-risk food such as shellfish, raw or rare meat, salad, buffet food, reheated food

To Book Your Hepatitis A Vaccine

Fleet Street Clinic is a specialist travel vaccine clinic in central London, established for over 20 years. We are able to offer you expert advice tailored to your specific needs.

To book your Hepatitis A vaccination, call Fleet Street Clinic on 0207 353 5678  email or book online now. 


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