Podiatry Treatment – at our Central London Podiatry Practice

A shocking three out of four adults suffer from foot problems at some time – Are you among them?

It is easy to dismiss little niggles and manageable pain in the foot area, but sometimes what seems like a small injury or pain can actually be, or become, something much worse.

At the Fleet Street Clinic, we offer podiatry treatment for a range of foot and ankle problems, so you no longer need to suffer! Our trusted and established private, specialist podiatry clinic (foot clinic) has helped countless people resolve all sorts of foot issues.

What podiatry treatments are available?

London’s Fleet Street Clinic offers podiatry/chiropody treatment by skilled, qualified and experienced practitioners for a range of problems including:

  • Corns & callous
  • Foot & ankle injuries/pain and sports injuries
  • Foot posture-related aches and pains, including shin pain, knee pain, chronic hip and lower back pain.
  • Footwear problems
  • Ingrowing toenails and other nail pathology
  • Skin disorders/infections
  • Verrucae (Plantar warts)

We provide numerous assessment, treatment and rehabilitation modalities including:

  • Routine foot care of skin & nails
  • Protective dressings and strappings
  • Verruca treatments, including cryotherapy using liquid nitrogen
  • Treatments for nail infections
  • Nail surgery
  • Bio-mechanical assessments
  • Temporary or “off the shelf”‘ arch supports and insoles
  • Prescription/custom-made orthotics (permanent devices)
  • Footwear advice
  • Foot health education & self-care advice

We also stock a range of high quality foot care products, including heel balms, creams, and verruca treatments.

Our podiatrists are passionate about foot care and work together as part of a team to make sure patients receive the best treatment possible.

Uniquely, our practice is part of a fully-resourced multidisciplinary medical centre – with easy access to doctors, nurses, prescription medicines and laboratory tests whenever they are needed.

With more than two decades providing podiatry/chiropody services, you can trust the Fleet Street Clinic to provide the best care for foot problems of all kinds.

To see our fees click here, or further details on our podiatry service and appointments call us today on 020 7353 5678 or request an appointment online here.

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