Ms Diane Timewell

Ms Diane Timewell

BSc (hons)  MBAcC


Diane is a highly experienced acupuncturist with over 25 years treating all kinds of physical and stress-related issues.

Diane uses a unique style of acupuncture which combines Western scientific understandings of anatomy, physiology and pathology with ancient Chinese understandings of how the body works as a whole. 

This gentle hands-on treatment is often very effective at getting to the root of the problem. This usually helps resolve symptoms quickly and more effectively. This is a very thorough style of treatment – direct feedback from testing specific areas on the patient’s body helps pinpoint diagnosis. This enables patient-focused treatment and often leads to excellent clinical results.

As well as treating the usual symptoms that acupuncture treatment is well-known for – back, neck, shoulder pain; women’s issues; fertility; headaches… Diane also takes a particular interest in how stress affects the body. Often at the root of many of our day-to-day symptoms, reducing stress often helps resolve many conditions such as IBS, unexplained infertility, anxiety, low immunity & fatigue.

Diane is a member of the British Acupuncture Council (BAcC), the major regulatory body in the UK and works to strict standards as laid down by the Department of Health.

Diane was awarded the Nutri-Centre Prize for merit in her studies of Acupuncture in 2005 and also holds a BA (Joint Hons) degree in English and Psychology.


I first started sessions with Diane as my husband and I were planning on starting a family and I wanted to have acupuncture to assist with this. I found the sessions excellent. Diane was really easy to talk to and I felt incredibly relaxed following them. When I happily fell pregnant I then continued seeing Diane during the first trimester and found that the sessions really helped my morning sickness. I would definitely see Diane again and would recommend her to anyone considering acupuncture.”

“I went to see Diane with fertility concerns. I am entirely certain that it was due to Diane’s treatment that within a further few months my cycle was back to normal and I fell pregnant. I hadn’t tried acupuncture before visiting Diane but found it a revelation. I would absolutely recommend Diane; her warm and calm approach was a big part of what made my sessions so beneficial and I am so grateful to her for her support and for such effective treatment.

To book an appointment with Diane or for further details and appointments, call us today on  0207 353 5678  email or book online now. 


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