One of the world’s great civilisations, Mexico offers wonderful mix of Central American cultures, Spanish traditions and contemporary arts. Landscapes range from the shimmering blue coastline of Baja California and the iconic cactus-strewn deserts of the north, to the Maya villages and gorgeous palm-covered beaches of the south.

Before you go, here’s our top travel health tips:

1 – Vaccinations

All travellers should ensure they are up to date with Diphtheria, Tetanus, Polio and Hepatitis A.

Some travellers at higher risk may require a vaccination against typhoid. Vaccinations against Rabies, Hepatitis B may be recommended for some travellers, depending on the itinerary and of activities and places to visit .

2 – Insect precautions

Mexico is home to the Aedes species of mosquito allowing Viruses such as Zika virus, dengue fever and chikungunya fever to be present. Prevention for these comes from minimising mosquito bites.  Take some insect repellant with 50% DEET, wear long loose clothing, and take a plug in vaporiser to use in your room to ensure your room stays mosquito free. Zika virus is of particular concern to those who are pregnant, or planning to become pregnant, so specialist advice should be sought prior to travel.

3 – Don’t let the tacos give you tummy trouble…..

Prevent travellers diarrhoea by ensuring the food and water you consume is safe.  The Maya Riviera and Cancun has recently seen outbreaks of Cyclospora. It is always a sensible idea to take some alcohol hand gel with you to clean your hands before eating. Taking sensible precautions against food and water can help reduce the risk of tummy trouble whilst abroad.

4 – Life’s a beach

The highlight of Mexico for many travellers is its coastline. Travellers should be aware that Cutaneous Lava Migrans (also knows as the dog or cat hookworm) is present in Mexico, The larval worms hatch in the sand or soil and then penetrate the skin of the traveller when the come into contact with it. It causes an itchy linear lesion at the site of entry.  Avoiding direct contact with the sand will help reduce the risk, so make sure you use a beach towel when sitting on the beach and wear flip flops if you plan on taking a walk along the sand. 

5 – Watersports

Mexico has some of the worlds best diving and snorkelling, especially on the caribbean coast. There is an abundance of coral on the east coast, and those who plan to take the plunge should be careful to avoid coral cuts and abrasions. Extra care needs to be take with coral cuts to prevent them from becoming infected. Packing a small first aid kit with tweezers, waterproof dressings and antiseptic is a sensible idea.




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