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Our range of occupational health services is provided by our specialist occupational health team. You can read more about our occupational health practitioners here, as well as about the kind of occupational health work that they undertake.

Our occupational health team structure

In addition to our  own in-house occupational health team, we also engage an external consultant occupational health physician who oversees clinical governance of our occupational health services and the occupational health medical quality standards undertaken at our practice.

Our occupational health doctors

Occupational health assessments such as fitness assessment referrals, face-to-face pre-placement assessments, pre-deployment medicals and post-deployment medicals are typically undertaken by our occupational health doctors, Dr Carsten Hartmann and Dr Sally Roxburgh, while we are also able to refer complex cases to a consultant occupational health physician.  Dr Hartman also undertakes Oil and Gas Medicals.

Our occupational health nurses

Helen Miller is our OH Nurse Lead for several of our health screening services.  These include the questionnaire-based pre-placement assessments, our health clearance service for healthcare workers and occupational health clearance for medical practitioners wishing to join the National Performers List.

Our Occupational Health nurses, Anna Chapman and Emma Benwell, carry out the tests and administer the vaccinations necessary for your particular company’s occupational health requirements.  Anna and Emma also assist with assessing occupational health clearance applications – both for healthcare workers requiring Health Clearance to work for their agency or employer and for medical practitioners wishing to join the National Performers List.

Our ergonomics advisor

Antony Hylton is our Ergonomics Advisor and can undertake workstation assessments at your premises.  He offers both short and comprehensive assessments as well as assessments of complex cases.


The Fleet Street Clinic has been serving corporate clients for over twenty years, and has a clear commitment to excellence in Occupational Health.

Contact Fleet Street Clinic on 0207 353 5678  to find out more about our occupational health services or fill in our contact form here.

If you require health clearance to join the National Performers List you are required to contact the clinic or occupational health team prior to making an appointment.
Email occhealthadmin@fleetstreetclinic.com  stating that you require occupational health clearance for the National Performers List and we will send you the necessary form along with the information needed to submit your application.


  • Dr Carsten Hartmann, GP at Fleet Street Clinic
    Dr Carsten Hartmann

    General Practitioner, Travel & Occupational Health Dr Carsten Hartmann graduated from ...

  • Dr Sally Roxburgh, GP at Fleet Street Clinic
    Dr Sally Roxburgh

    General Practitioner & Occupational Health GP Dr Sally Roxburgh qualified from St ...

  • Ms Anna Chapman, GP at Fleet Street Clinic
    Ms Anna Chapman

    Travel Nurse City University, London (2011) Anna specialises in Travel Medicine, Occupational ...

  • Mrs Emma Nichols, GP at Fleet Street Clinic
    Mrs Emma Nichols

    Travel Nurse Southampton University (2007) Emma specialises in Travel Medicine and Occupational ...

  • Dr John Hobson, GP at Fleet Street Clinic
    Dr John Hobson

    OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH Consultant Physician Dr John Hobson is the managing director of Hobson ...

  • Mr Antony Hylton, GP at Fleet Street Clinic
    Mr Antony Hylton

    Antony is a registered physiotherapist with the Health Professions Council, has post-graduate ...

  • Dr Juan Ochoa, GP at Fleet Street Clinic
    Dr Juan Ochoa

    GENERAL PRACTITIONER  & OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH Dr Juan Ochoa  is an Occupational Physician ...


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