Covid-19 Return To Work Services

Occupational Health Services for the current Coronavirus (Covid-19) Pandemic

We are here to support you and your employees during this challenging time. Managing the safe return to the workplace is critical. We have detailed information regarding our occupational health services for coronavirus, COVID-19 below:


COVID-19 Return to Work Health Questionnaire:

Individual risk assessments are to be carried out by all employees prior to returning to their usual workplace or returning from a period of self-isolation whether that be for suspected or confirmed diagnosis of Covid-19.
Our Covid-19 return to work health questionnaire can help ensure you safeguard your workforce during this coronavirus pandemic and support those employees on their return to work. The questionnaire is provided before the employees commence date, to be reviewed by the clinical team who will issue a ‘fit to return to work’ certificate.
If a staff member is unable to be certified, they may require a further phone consultation or for more complex cases, a fitness to work assessment or OH management referral.  

Management Referral:

Coronavirus will no doubt have a psychological impact as well as a physical one on a number of employees, particularly it may exacerbate pre-existing medical conditions. Our occupational health service aims to help by providing clear, practical advice and solutions contained in concise, timely reports. Our advice and recommendations cover prognosis, return-to-work schedules, reasonable recommendations and risk assessments. Follow up if offered where appropriate, giving clear timeframes, aims and reasons for this. The most appropriate clinician will be recommended based on the complexity of the submitted referral.



Covid-19 Workplace Hygiene Assessment:

This service helps you to make your offices as “Covid-19 secure” as possible, identifying reasonable measures to optimise safety and help protect your business, clients and staff. 

Working alongside your health and safety &/or facilities team one of our nurses will assess your premises and the practical measures you have in place to maintain infection control and hygiene and offer advice in line with current guidance. This is an assessment that should be carried out before your employees return so you can make any necessary adjustments.

A detailed report identifying areas of concern and/ or outlining areas of improvement will be provided. If all is satisfactory, we will issue a certificate, (which can be displayed in the workplace) reassuring employees that the workplace has been assessed and recommendations have been put in place. 




A comprehensive return to work strategy is essential for bringing your employees safely back into the workplace. We can offer support and guidance for different departments so your business can get back to, continue, or restart, operations during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

For HR:

We can provide guidance in handling the return to work of employees and their physical and mental health. We can arrange a consultation with an Occupational Health Specialist to go through any return to work issues or advice on specific cases, such as, staff members who have concerns about specific vulnerabilities.  

For Directors & Managers:

While the pandemic will have an impact on most employees in some way, employees who were already struggling with mental health issues prior to the outbreak may find the current circumstances especially challenging. Directors and managers will play a key part in supporting these employees returning to work and beyond.
We can offer support on what is expected, how to identify, early intervention and signpost employees needing further support. This can be done on a 1-1 basis or in group sessions via an interactive webinar. 

Covid-19 Testing:

Covid PCR testing is a key way to identify those who currently have the Covid-19 infection. If an employee tests positive for COVID-19, they can self-isolate and avoid risk to others. 
For more information on Covid-19 Testing



For more advice on our Occupational Health services…

Phone: Get in touch: Fleet Street Clinic Travel Specialists Travel Clinic in London

0207 353 5678 ^

^ Lines are open 9:00-17:30, Monday-Friday.







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