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Altitude Calculator

Find the altitude of every location on your travel itinerary and create a Profile to show the results in a simple graphic format.

DVT Calculator

Calculate an estimate of your own risk of flight-related Deep Vein Thrombosis.

Jet Lag Calculator

The Jet Lag Calculator can tell you how long it will take you to adjust to your new time zone when you travel – and to adjust back again when you come home.

Specialist Medical Supplies

We keep a large stock of medical supplies and assemble our own medical and trauma kits to cover almost any requirement. We can provide custom kits tailored to your exact needs, or you can choose from a wide variety of standard kits that are ready to go.

Depending on circumstances, you may need a small, lightweight, personal supply of medicines to keep at base; a personal trauma kit, light enough to be carried with you at all times; a large team kit to be carried in a vehicle or kept at base; a reserve stash of supplies to replenish individual kits; and sometimes all of the above.

Give careful thought to your exact requirements whilst away.

Key supplies include:

  • Medicines to combat locally prevalent diseases
  • Supplies for trauma and first aid – minor accidents and injuries as well as major ones
  • Prescription medicines to combat the commonest conditions – at home and abroad
  • A reserve stock of medicines and supplies that you might not be able to find locally
  • Needles, syringes, sutures and other sterile supplies

The medicines we are most often asked to replenish turn out to be the kind of things most people keep in their bathroom cabinet: painkillers, antacids, remedies for coughs, colds and flu – that can make all the difference to how well you feel while working abroad.

Medical kits should include prescription medicines that you can take under appropriate instruction from a doctor: for example, a choice of antibiotics to be used on the basis of telephone advice, depending on your symptoms. Remote medical support is an easy option. It is easier than ever to send home digital photographs of injuries, lumps, bumps and rashes. Remote diagnosis of problems like travellers’ diarrhoea is also now possible with a high degree of accuracy – which is why some of our kits now include tiny stool sample containers that can easily be couriered back home for rapid PCR testing.

In some situations, specialist supplies for radiologiocal, chemical and biological countermeasures may be required. The Fleet Street Clinic keeps an extensive stock of such items – including PPE, supplies such as potassium iodide or potassium iodate, and even nerve agent antidote auto-injectors – please contact us for further information.

Our specialist Travel Clinic – serving news teams & TV production

We have more that 20 year’s experience of working with the news and TV industry. We maintain our own substantial stock of important medical supplies. You can rely on us to be “ahead of the curve” and ready to meet any last-minute requirement. Contact us for more information.

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